Great Music


Gosh…where did u find this song…i loved it mehn


haha… i heard someone listening to it now



where did you find this song? Wow…

Back then, whenever i sing this song, i sing it with so much passion…:grin:


It was to me like a Nigerian version of a very romantic indian song lol


Where’s that guy though?


Some people are old here… We do dance to this song in my family during morning devotion plenty years back

Den by November u start hearing “Odun lo sopin ooo baba re re”


My mummy’s song… :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::tipping_hand_woman:


Dead Again by Asa


so it was you

you picked up the knife and then you cut me in two

you stabbed me in the back and then you twisted it in

oh oh oh you left me for dead again



Me, Myself & I by G-Eazy Featuring Bebe Rexha


Any song Asa sings is a hit for me. I loved this dead again that year when it was released.


Hula Hoop Stella Mwangi Featuring Mohombi


Lookie Lookie by Stella Mwangi


Lol so you listen to Oliver hmm… @NaijaLander
One of his tracks I love is Ndakuvara-- you’ll love it


I like his guitar play though, very high life ish I heard Rob Mugabe frustrated the guy at some point.


The guy loves Zimbabwe like maaad.
He could have easily chosen to take thebhigh road and go live in SA or somewhere else- but he chose to remain in Zimbo even through all its economic downturns.


Ismael Lo- Tajabone

Country: Senegal


I like Francophone accent oo…very persian like tone to it.


Lol the song na Elitist kinda music.
Not for general populace. :smirk: yeah wolof sounds kinda cool until you hear it in everyday life. Has too much jabs, jacks, gutturals, and glotal stops limo




Wa Mpaleha by Lira