Great Music


Really? @Angie. How so?


I have only seen your picture, but I still saw some resemblance… especially similar head shape…


A lot of people tell me the same thing. My celebrity look alikes are Annie Idibia, Tiwa savage and Kelly Rowland, according to people oh, but I don’t see a resemblance at all.


Pon mi le by Reminisce

Pon mi le - translates to “patronize me”.

The song describes the modern man’s experience with powerful women. Most of us won’t admit it but men today do have a tough time dealing with women and their new found ego. The song simply asking powerful women to ease us gently into gender equality. Don’t rub your new found freedom on our faces.


More like “respect me” have some regard for me please. That’s what pon mi le means.


A lot of great electronic music you can download here: .


There are a lot of really coll examples here. I like to listen to rock music with my small tube amp