Happy Birthday to Rufus!

Todays is one of my favorite people’s birthday; my dear friend turned big brother, @Oluwarufus :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

On my first day of resumption at Cregital, I got to work earlier than normal because I wanted to impress (as per new employee :joy:) and it was while I was waiting for the office to be opened that Rufus came to join me in the waiting game.

We introduced ourselves and we discovered that we stayed on opposite streets at Agege. He promised to come and see me during the weekend, even though I thought it was joke, but he really did. He met my mum and that was how we became family.

My love and respect for Rufus even grew much more when I was ill in 2016. Rufus came to see me almost everyday after work :sob:

Thank you for the support over the years, thanks for the encouragement, thanks for my sincerely taking me as a younger sister. I love you bruv :hearts:


Awwwww… Someone give me handkerchief :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: This is too sweet…

Happy Birthday @Oluwarufus Your glory has not even started yet!


Happy Birthday @Oluwarufus . Wishing you the very best!!:blush:


Happy birthday @Oluwarufus. God bless you and grant you your heart desires. Amen.


Happy birthday @Oluwarufus Wishing you a very beautiful year ahead! :blush:

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Happy Birthday Sir!! That your prayers on IG issa prayer that I’m saying a bigger amen to for you. Go and Conquer

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Thank you all for the prayer and the wishes, I really appreciate it.

@Yeye, you know I’ve got nothing for you but love. Thank you :heart_eyes:

Amen Brother.


Happy birthday @Oluwarufus ! Wishing you the very best today and always.

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:blush::grin:Thanks @Yeye for being the best creg-sister @oluwarufus can have. Much love.


Happy birthday @Oluwarufus.

God’s blessings shall never elude you. You shall live long and be in good health.


Happy birthday bro. Much love from Kenya.

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Happy bornday @Oluwarufus. Wishing you all that you wish yourself

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Thank you @geezybee :blush: