Have you ever paid for sex ? Why & Why not?


Have you ever solicited a professional for sex ?

If yes, why ? If not, why not ?

Is paying for sex to calm your hormones a good idea ?


:woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5: What do i kuku know?

I’m just a toddler in the eyes of the beholder :bowing_woman:t5:


erhmmm… if you werent anonymous, i would have outpoured my experience on this one…
but… i plead the fifth.


Nice One


aren’t you anonymous yourself ?


I have. I’m curious about what people think about legalizing professional escorting in Nigeria.


lol… obviously i am… but i still feel like i am known tho…
But this your anonymity dy like computer virus…
o di ka AKpuka nti!


I have no idea who you are.


I am finished!!!
Maybe you didnt bother to check my profile when I had my face as my dp on Zegist😷


@opisthocranium Did you ever have your face as your DP?


urhmm… Did i?
I think i should check my activities log then…




And that’s how no one has answered the qxn. Well for me, I’m still thinking abt it. Hehehehee. But seriously, I can’t. Why? I’ve got personal convictions not jxt becos I go to church but I’ve studied, and made the decision. Sex is for me and my beloved. Not judging anyone that’s says otherwise. We are entitled to our convictions.