Have you Ever Signed Up On a Dating Site?

In the dire search for love, has the “desperation” pushed you to sign up on a dating site before? These sites e.g. Tinder, Match.com, SurulereLove etc are for mostly for singles who are interested in a bit of a chat and a bit of a flirt or possibly in need of someone to maintain a committed relationship with.
Some actually work out and grow from just friend s to committed relationships and marriage.

What do you think?

  • Do you think its reliable?
  • Do you think its a good spot for finding love?
  • Have you ever tried it?
    Everyone can share their experiences anonymously.

SuruLere love ke? loool

I’m on Tinder, it’s mostly runs girls there though. And then the normal girls have been harassed by horny men so they appear rude when you talk to them.


Yeah… It kicked off last year…

:joy::joy::joy: Share a bit of your experience… Does it work and is it even reliable?


Chai… And to think that I don’t even know about dating sites 🤦

Well, I’m not on any.


I’ve joined them out of curiosity but leave when they ask for my credit card!! I ain’t joking with my kobo mhen!!:fearful::sweat_smile:


Early 2000s, my knowledge of the internet grew and it became an avenue to explore almost anything i could think of. So, a couple of dating sites were the order of my days. :joy:


I think while growing up i tried a few myself too. I just wanted to explore…was curious to see how it works but most of them turned out annoying jare… The moment you log in, you will be welcomed by one guy from China or an Arab already adding you up immediately and sending messages… :joy:

I know 2go chat’s room should best be likened to dating sites. :joy: I saw and met a lot of crazy and mad people there…

Never been on one. I think Instagram DM feature is eating on market share for these dating sites.


Yes o… I couldn’t agree less… Instagram has totally taken over the marketplace.


Dating sites is the background story of me joining Zegist. Wollup…before anybody looks at me with side eye, I didn’t join Zegist to hook up with anybody :joy:

The moment I opened Zegist, I knew it was a whole different platform.

Anyway, the most I did on dating sites was to sign up. I never went further.



My challenge with Dating sites is it already sells dating. I’m the kinda person that meets Dj Cuppy and prefer to talk about music instead of selling myself as a suitor.

With instagram, you get to see these people in their natural habitat or with Zegist where you interact with them and see their opinions.

Both of these platforms allow you see what is not “organized in a profile” as done in dating sites.


It never crossed my mind, guess cos I was never really single for so long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really? One day you will tell us about this…lol


Nope. Nah. Never.

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I’ve never tried it and don’t intend to. I think people may pretend to be who they are not just to get a “dating” partner.

I agree with what @evansakanno wrote. Other social networks give more chance for people to interact without really having dating in mind. It could lead to dating but first let it start with business or just casual friendship


Yeah… You have a point there…

Instamessenger- @NaijaLander’s observation about Tinder is also true here. But if you want to find people around your vicinity try am

Naijaplanet- @Udy_Inyang, of course people may pretend to be what they are not. small observation about naijaplanet in reference to your point. Somebody will claim they are simple, but to simply respond to a greeting that is simple to understand they just won’t. Naijaplanet can work for you(not you @Udy_Inyang). It almost worked, until I discovered that person was married. Which leads me to my next observation. Why are married women on dating websites? Bcos me doesn’t know, I curiously asked a lady once, “ma, since you boldy state in your profile you are married, why are you here na”…she change am for me o…
On this website too I began to observe something about our ladies. They want to get far more than they can give…ponzi. Going thru profiles, someone would describe themselves as " a simple, caring and god fearing ". But their description of who they want is a bigger than the abstract of research work in the liberal arts.

Asiandate- this one showed me a different shade to ladies. Forget how 9ja babes be waiting for you to break ice. Asian ladies would crackle you with their messages. But forget this site, together with arabiandate.com bcos they want you to pay and they bombard your email with messages from ladies. I don’t know how amolatina.com and Afroromance.com got my email address…

@pretyprexy thanks. Lemme travel to surulere


Never been interested in them … I’m skeptical about blind dates too


I’m trying to remember the name of one app like that, starts with a W…ehn na so so Indian guys full there, they’ll be sending me nonsense dick pictures. Fast fast I deleted the app. I was never on 2go and badoo. Infact I’ve never been on a dating site, the guys there are like vampires, so desperate. I even had to delete bbm at a point cos I got tired of asking how they got my pin.


I actually have been on dating sites, but I got bored with same storyline messages… You are beautiful, u hot, u sexy… Abegi n most times am afraid of hookups… It’s actually not my calling.