Have you tried Smart Compose on Gmail?


Google introduced a new feature in Gmail designed to help users compose and send email faster than ever before.

This feature is known as Smart Compose, tries to understand the typed text, so the AI can suggest words and phrases to complete your sentences. Smart compose will give complete sentences in the body of the email as you write. The proposed text will look grey as you start typing the sentence. If you like the suggestion, simply hit the “tab” to paste it into the message. Then the text will auto-populate. According to Google, this will save time when writing emails and reduce grammatical errors or misspelling (if that’s a problem for you).

How to Activate Smart Compose on Gmail
To get started, make sure you’ve turned on your new Gmail by going to Settings

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Try new Gmail.

  3. Then go to the General tab in Settings, scroll down, and turn on Experimental Access. If you want to switch, you can always uncheck the box.

NOTE: As at publishing content, Smart compose is currently available on my personal Gmail(@gmail.com).

Source: Descasio