Hello everyone!..

Longest time. Feels so good to be back after a long time. What have I missed?
@Mira @Monique @lifeofesse oya gist me o!!!


We both in the same shoes… been months i got a mention.


why??? What has been happening? Dd you go MIA as well?


Crazy D. Left my job. Started my company. Got a 9-5pm job… no work on weekends (somehow I feel this is a breakthrough). Sources for new leads for my company for months. My delivery guy keep increasing my bp for no just reason. Started learning Portuguese language. Etc

It was more than MIA.


Portuguese? That’s so cool!


Muito obrigado


ohhh wow. You’ve got your plate full!!! What is your company into? Calm down with your delivery guy! Take as much rest as you can when opportune to. and Portuguese? WOW!!! Sounds interesting


That guy is an issue. Got him another job. Am using GIG now. Codixels - we are a design, web and full print media outfit. Entrepreneurship is worst. You hardly sleep.


By the way. Are you coming to Lagos for the holidays ?


come and learn german too…


Hindu is next actually. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trust me, I understand!!! Entrepreneurship of stress. But it’ll be worth it! Well done…


I should. I’ll love to be a part of @Cregital ARK! So I should… Plus I still ha e to check off some boxes on my to-do list for the year and most of it involves traveling to Lagos


You speak German??




Hindu ko, buddha ni :joy:




:joy::joy::joy::joy: met this india friend on twitter. she is willing to help out


smh! goodluck!


Wow! Wow!(let me end the wow before I start sounding like a siren :grin:)

Portugees? That’s great!

Sorry for the bp caused by your delivery guy… It’s for the best, I guess.

All the best in your journey with your company.