Her Husband Only Likes Anal Sex


A woman has complained that her husband does not like having sex with her her vagina. He prefers to have anal sex with her but at the same time wants her to conceive.


A woman friend of my complained to me that since she got married, which is two years old now, her hubby does not like having sex with her through the opening God made for sex. He prefers sex through the anus and they are looking for the fruit of the womb and she wants to know whether it’s possible to conceive through that method. I told her am not sure but let’s hear from other people. Please, no insult. She needs help. Thanks.

What do you people think?

Studies show that pregnancy occurs when a male’s sperm fertilizes a female’s egg. This occurs when a man ejaculates into a woman’s vagina. If a man ejaculates into a woman’s rectum during anal sex, no pregnancy can occur since human eggs only reside in a woman’s reproductive tract. However, because the anus and the vaginal opening are located close to each other, it’s possible, though unlikely, that semen could inadvertently be deposited near the vaginal opening, which could lead to pregnancy.

Over to you guys, if you could talk to the couple individually, the man especially, what would you advise?

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There’s an Igbo adage “anaghi amu aka nri n’anka” interpreted as “The usage of the right hand is not learnt at old age”. The lady is trying to solve a problem that she could have noticed and avoided by not marrying that man(forget love,marriage is more about understanding and procreation than it is about love). What’s then the essence of courtship If a situation like this can arise in a marriage?. In dating or courtship, his sensual preferences should be made clear when you guys get intimate; from a no sex courtship point of view, the both of you ought to have discussed your sexual desires(how you like it) even if you both are virgins you’d have sensual fantasies for crying out loud or you ain’t sexually healthy. So from all I mentioned, any couple about to tie the knot should know what they are at least sexually getting into. As for an advise to the (sinking ship) couple in the story, let him go for therapy, if that would work 'cause I’m imagining how possible it is for me to change my sensual inclination or preferences just like that.


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Thank you so much nwannem Enigma. I said it before:

Your preferences are very very very important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I advocate that people should understand and check for sexual compatibility if and only if you are very certain that the relationship can scale into marriage.


i understand how she feels… i met a lady like this once in Unilag whose husband was same sexual preference. she was always angry, frustrated because she did not know whom to speak to about it and you know we all tend to shy from sexual talks. I don’t know she is faring now but please therapy is the solution here so that he can be educated on the best way to conceive. (you both can have anal sex if it is a preference for both parties or a sexual curiosity)


A lady wants to get married and does not really care what she is getting into(compatibility, patience, temperament, sexual preferences and all sorts)so long she get the ring.
Now see.

I am very sure that while both were dating, the man always preferred anal sex, but the lady thought "what the heck, he will change.

Does the man not know that she cannot get pregnant that way(nonsense and ingredient husband). The only time you get pregnant(no proof though)via anal is when you are not married and God wants to punish you for have unprotected sex.
But in marriage nada.

Well if therapy can/would work on th man, let it be done then.

Well this is 2018, @ poster did therapy work on the man, seeing as the post was last year.


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It’s actually this year


thank you joor, my emotions got me thinking it was last year


This act is punishable under the Nigerian act constitution.
I mentioned that somewhere here on this platform.

The husband, and the wife deserve 14 years imprisonment for engaging in anal sex… (Know the rest)


Arrest them already!!! What are you waiting for?


14years? The couple are a man and woman, not man and man.
And besides in a marriage or date setting, couples have consensual anal sex.

So how is it punishable?
Is 14 years term not for gay people.


Don’t answer that one o :joy::weary::weary: u will just be wasting ur time! Don’t say I didn’t warn you :running_woman:t4: