Home made party jollof rice


Why wait till u are invited to a wedding or an owambe in the area ,before u can have a real party jollof rice?

I made this jollof rice this morning after a neighbour who went for
birthday party was just tempting me last night with pictures of food
from the party. So I decided to prepare a real party jollof rice and
after she tasted mine, she confessed it tasted a lot better than the one
from the party…#I’m not lying o


  • Tomatoes
  • Pepper
  • Ginger and garlic
  • Bayleaf
  • Chicken
  • Tin tomato
  • Onions
  • Boullion cubes
  • Rice


  1. Blend the tomatoes,peppers,onions ,ginger and garlic to paste …boil till the waters all dried up.
    Season the chicken and cook till its done ,then fry and keep the veg oil used in frying to prepare the sauce with…
  2. Boil some water and pour over the fresh rice and leave for five
    minutes,then drain it out and wash in cool water to stop the cooking
  3. Heat up the veg oil ,add some onions and when its fried, pour the
    cooked tomato mix ,and stir ,when its fried,add the tin tomato and stir
    continually,add your bouillion cubes ,bayleaf and the rice …add two
    cups of chicken stock ,use a wooden spatula to mix up the rice in the
    sauce and cover very tightly to allow the steam do the cooking …
  4. Check in from time to time and stir to allow the one at the bottom ,come to the top.
    When its cooked …add the separately sliced tomato and onion cut in round shape ,the steam from the rice will.cook it…
  5. Add margarine and stir in.

Voila! Your party jollof rice is ready.



Been a while since I cooked. Someone told me that Bayleaf is the secret ingredient that adds the party to the rice and since its in your recipe, I will definitely try it when next i cook.


The bayleaf is what gives it that distinctive aroma .
But also without it,u will still get your party rice if done my way I promise u
But do give it a try and let me know how it came out:smiley:


Thanks a lot @brownsucre.
I’ll try this method some time.


@brownsucre no big grammar this time around, hmmm…That food of yours looks delicious :yum:


Hahahaha…thanks @enigma,atleast i understand this your English


You are welcome dearie @ yeye
Pls do try it


Thanks for this jollof rice recipe which i’m just reviewing almost 2 years after its post. Nonetheless, i need specific measures for:
Pepper (including which type)
Tin tomato

Proving the above measures will help re-enact the picture of the jollof rice in your post.

Thank you