Hostel or off campus residence?


In an academic setting which do you prefer? Hostel or off famous residence? What are the reasons for your choice?

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Off campus, please.

I just love the privacy and relaxation.

Hostel is congested and you will be perceiving all kind of nonsense :grinning:

I can cook anytime I want when I am off campus without making anyone feel uncomfortable with the heat from cooking.


Off campus ooo…
The privacy, the access to everything…i sleep anyhow without disturbing anybody. i go out and come back at anytime and

The Major Part…Babes comes in and they sleep over sometimes too without any restriction.:grin:


Baba for the girls! :raised_hands:


Off campus…privacy n freedom being the main reason


Rara ooo…i no b Harrysong naw… Most times, i’m just helping them on assignments or about their admission stuffs.


Vice Chancellor et School Registrar. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Osheeeeeey…You actually looks like my Class Rep :blush:


I never liked hostel back then in school because anytime I go there, I always feel like throwing up. I like my privacy and don’t joke with it. Having an apartment of my own allows me do whatever I want to do and at the right time. Another reason I never stayed in the hostel is because I know myself that am easily distracted, so I just had to save myself from having problem of concentrating on my books even though in off can you still get to deal with people who can’t play music for themselves only… But at least my privacy is more important


I was “on campus” but in proxy . I didn’t sit somewhere. barely knew my roommates

Off campus wasn’t a choice cos my house was just N50 bus away from my uni.
So I had to just have sense and embrace the “on campus” option.


I prefer hostel. I’ve stayed in hostel throughout my secondary school and university and then stayed alone during my NYSC. Staying in the hostel was more fun.

In the hostel, you meet new people, make friends, learn to accommodate others, be motivated to read when you have others around you studying, not having to bother about water and light and security as it is provided.

I still had my space because I had my bed and spacious corner. I don’t like cooking so it was just perfect for me. My school didn’t allow cooking in the hostel.

Of course there were fights and quarrels but it was part of fun. And some annoying roommates that will always beg or scatter your corner or make noise.

Then having people to hang out with, take your pictures, help you in deciding what to wear, and then those days of menstrual cramps, having people to help me bath and feed me and take care of me.


Off campus is best.
You have access to privacy.
You can do anything you want any time you want
I can go out and come back how ever late I want without disturbing someone to open door for me. Mtcheww
I can cook anytime I want and sleep anytime too
Play loud music anytime I want.
Most of all I can enjoy the company of my pet rabbit anyday anytime.


Story of my life, I always felt like puking each time I visited friends, just walking past their lavatory I become feverish.


I just love all the qualities you mentioned, that was just me, most of all you’re the only one on zegist that loves a rabbit as I do(yet to get my own pet anyway :wink:).


Great sense of humour :joy::joy:

Waat! Issorait, so carrot isa not enough chaw for them. Maybe Issa Nigerian rabbit someting.


Get a rabbit too. So they can cross and have baby rabbits. We can sell them n be rich.

Just kidding

Rabbits are shy n timid n will chew on any thing if you leave them loose. Just get a dog or a cat n be free. Lol.


They do that when they are bored and they get bored very easily. To combat this they need slot of toys they can chew on and amuse themselves.
I hide veggies and hay on different corners of her cage so she can keep busy looking for them. Hide them in cardboard boxes. It also helps their teeth to stay short.


i actually agree with you here…
Though i would say maybe try living off campus in your later years in school but there is just a comfort in being around people when you are in school…
it is an experience worth having


Off Campus… all the way…


Me too!