How can a man win the heart of a lady already having an affair with another man?


What does it takes for a man to win a lady heart when the lady is having affair with someone else


Good question.
Winning a lady’s heart is not completely up to a man, if she’s interested, she’ll leave the guy she’s having an affair with for you. A woman’s mind is complex.


On second thought, I just realized she doesn’t have to leave the guy for you to be with you.

I guess some of us are selfish with our love so we don’t like to share.




You don’t think sharing your babe with another man is unhealthy ?


love is unique, anyone can fall in love with anyone the heart feel peaceful


The guy might no love her the way you do… fact, but most people find them-self in a fake love status


True but you don’t now that for sure. Women have this weird habit of demonizing there exs (or this case, current bf) when speaking with a toaster or potential lover.

Define “fake love status”, I think if she’s an adult, she should know she’s in an unhealthy relationship and leave when the time is right. It is not a man’s job to “rescue” her from a relationship. Life doesn’t work like that…


sometimes it works that ways because the earth is spherical in shape everything goes vice-versa . my point is that some people don’t know to get out in a fake relationship find them-self sinking and don’t know how to float up to the surface.


True but it’s still not your job to get them out. If it happens that you rescue a woman’s emotions from an abusive lover, fine but ideally, it shouldn’t be that way.

Its not even healthy to leave an emotionally abusive spouse and jump straight into a relationship. One must learn to manage these things bro.


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