How do I get Investors for a Tech Meetup


I’m planning on convening a tech event, tagged #JulyOfCode Owerri, to provide free mentorship and learning platform for young adults and teenagers interested in web development and starting up a tech enterprise.

And I need investors and sponsors, because this idea is huge and MUST be a success.

Anyone has an idea?

I’m in Owerri, Imo State.

Thank you.


I’m a die hard lover of initiatives like this and I’ll be glad to help you in my own little way.
Organising a tech meet up is not a joke this time around, investors and almost every little heads in the tech cluster are becoming Pro at what they do.

Create a list of your targeted audience and analyse your projections.
Create a list of firms/individuals you’ll be talking to.

Send mails with the audience projections (assumptions) and meet in person to discuss further.

Reach out to influencer to help create a buzz around it.


Thank you very much.

There’s growth in the idea.

If you don’t mind, follow me up on Twitter and send me a DM so I can identify its you, so we discuss.

Thank you very much.