How do you receive payment from clients outside Nigeria?


I work for someone outside Nigeria, writing tech articles and developing software projects. He would pay the person who linked us and the guy would transfer to me. That went on for about a year.

Now, I’m trying another client, solo, but I can’t get payment. He his requesting for Paypal account but those I asked said it doesn’t work in Nigeria. I have heard of Western Union and Transfer wise and

So, please, how do I get paid for services rendered to someone outside Nigeria, usually in Europe or U.S.A.

Do these payment processors, paystack et. al., have a solution that cater for this?


Have you tried WorldRemit


Hello Mustopha,

I am a Nigerian and I use PayPal account, though not Nigerian Paypal.
I can create one for you if you need it… just hit my inbox.
NB: VPN is not required to operate one.

Also, have you tried Payoneer? it safer than PayPal. You get an ATM Card which can be used anywhere in the world plus a US Bank account details upon registration.
NB: VPN is not required also.
You can register for Payoneer here

Also, I have both also. You just need govt issued ID card and you are good to go.




Come inbox but not free o!
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How va @mustopha go open a Rave account.

I had issues with them earlier but it’s cool with fair charges.


Did you link your Nigerian Naira account to your Paypal?


Yes! I linked my sterling bank acct with it.
And also GTB Bank acct for other acct.

I used it to run Facebook ads via PayPal,


@Mustopha kindly let us know which one worked for you.
Worldremit and flutterwave
And how their service was?


I didn’t even think to try. I’ll try and link mine.


I’ve been using Transfer wise for almost a year now. It’s the best I’ve used so far. I initially used western union but they charged almost 10% of every transaction I did, so far transfer wise only charges $5.


$5 for any amount received?


You’re welcome


Transfers below $1000


Thanks chief