How important is your mom

Every time moms are always congratulated for the success of their wards or that of the family, why is this so??


“MY MOM” Hmm, MY MOM is an unimaginable blessing. I feel like the way Jesus was sent to earth to save us is the same way God sent MY MOM to earth for me. If not for MY MOM I won’t know what life or even happiness is about. She stood and fought by, with and for me in every situation and she gave me lovely siblings . No matter how many times I drop, she is always there to lift me up. I just hope and pray that I get rich quickly to shower her with uncountable blessings. Words are not enough to explain how much I love MY MOM.


If it wasn’t for moms, none of us would even be here to answer this question. That’s just how important they are.


God indeed blessed them with the fruit of the womb and their labour of love shall never be in vain.

I love me(a waiting mother… I am not pregnant now o)
I love my sweetest mother
I love every mother/woman out there.

Remain blessed.


Father wa nko? No b Father wey put you for there :thinking: and no b him dey pay School fees and other expenses ? :running_man::running_man::running_man::joy:


Ma binu o! No vex biko…Our Honourable Fathers Right Activitist :joy::joy::joy: