How It All Started 1

I slammed the door with so much anger in me, at that point I could kill anyone, I was sure the only option available to me was for me to leave their presence, Papa called out to me severally, there was just no looking back. At that point I hated my brother for adding more fuel to the fire. This is suppose to be my life for goodness sake. It was their duty to accept and support what ever decision I make, at least that’s the best thing they could do as a family.

I understand that my Papa is a Muslim and Mama a christian, now this is where it gets complicated. As a kid I wasn’t forces to practice any religion, as such it was anywhere belle face and as my belle and heart face and accepted Christianity nko? I wasn’t stopped from practicing either, in fact Papa supported the ministry by giving me money for offering as a kid. Why then should I be stopped from doing a white/ church wedding,why are several other religious conflict popping up now.

I believe in laying the right foundation, why should I get married in the Muslim way when I’m not going to and don’t intent to practice the religion in marriage? Apart from the facts that I don’t know the Quran and other stuffs that would be said to me in the process of getting married. why should I be forced into this?

The thought of it pisses me off more when I realized my husband and I are carrying 90% of the wedding expenses. The fact that no one wanted to hear my side of the story or care less how it makes me feel hurts even more.

It’s get more even irritating when uncles that never bought me baba dudu as a kid and didn’t even bloody care I existed are the once shooking their mouth in my matter.

This whole thing has painted me as a black sheep, proud girl and a disobedient. My heart was heavy and my eyes soaked with tears and I thought who else I could talk to, Pastor Moses came to my mind and I called him Immediately. “Thank God you called, I was just thinking about you, Daddy reported you to me, when can you come and see me” was what Pastor Moses said the moment he picked up his phone like he thinks I was gonna hang up or something.
When did my dad carry my matter to pastor bayi? how many more people have heard about this? I snapped out of my thoughts and replied him Sunday sir.

I was overwhelmed and the only person I could call was Ifedayo my Husband to be. He’s a gift from God to me and I really don’t know what good deed I’ve done to deserve him. He pressed the right buttons with his calming and encouraging words, I was relieved a bit and slept off on the spot.

The loud sound of Joromi simi’s song that I had recently set as my ring tone woke me up suddenly from my deep sleep, who could this be again???

My family is trying to force me into getting married the Muslim way as against me having a white wedding.
Questions. How would you handle this if you’re face with this situation? Would you have reacted differently if you were in my shoes? How else would you have reacted to this situation.

Note: This is a true life story. New names were coined to portrait character for identity sake.
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Reacted to what? carrying 90% of the expenses? well…it’s your wedding, in a saner environment, that would not be so surprising.

Still waiting for the question though…forgive my ignorance.

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You mean reacted to the Muslim situation? I guess this is the question…

Well, if this was me, yes i would cry and try to fight it but truth be told, parents should be respected. You can only pray to God to help you handle the situation…but try not to disrespect your parents.

Sorry I was not clear enough, I’m a christian and my papa a Muslim and my papa won’t let me marry the christian way, insisting on doing my wedding the Muslim way.

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oh nice. My cousin is doing both actually.

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Both the muslim and christain wedding?

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lool why not ?

You can’t ask people not to get married because of religion can you…or what do you think ? :slight_smile:

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That’s the best solution I think o

Definitely not, its their decision not mine…

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