How many of you collected extra sheet during exam?


Where are my “Efikos” (those that sabi book)
You know that feeling when you get to exam hall and all the questions were concentrated on the areas you read, like seriously you can confidently answer 6 out of 7 questions:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Have you ever requested for extra sheet (s) and what course though?




I collected o, all those lecturers that need you to explain a theme in three paragraphs… C.s.c 407, 411, 405. Dr. agbachi…


Ah. Calculus/Integration and Differentiation - Sci Lab Tech year one.

3 extra sheets. It was the exact questions i treated overnight.

O bloody


lol… efiko no be by who collect extra sheet o…

Some people would collect extra sheet and be writing rubbish, then when results show, you will start hearing, “I collected extra sheet and the lecturer gave me this” :joy::joy::joy:

My HOD would always tell us when we are writing his course, whosoever collects extra sheet should do well to write their phone number there cos he would call them to mark it :joy::joy::joy:

Back to the initial question jare… Did I collect extra sheet? Maybe once or twice, I make good use of the available answer sheet (time most times no dry permit person to collect extra sheet sef)… Sometimes, I write to the last page on my booklet.

Imagine answering a question with 8-9 pages (ART student)… Some lecturers are actually lazy to mark bulky works so I answer according to the lecturer.


I saw this too… Praise the Lord.

Someone should help this sister with a bottle of fanta!


you gerrit, no be by extra sheet.

Personally I hate all this questions that requires long stories as answers.

It was God that saved me in year 2 (Economic History). the lecturer was expecting story and i just wrote wetin i sabi. I had E in that course and i was sooooooooooooo happy…lol


Lol… Ours there was nothing like E… Below 45 is F.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I tell you… I love that man!


I used to be the king of extra sheet back in secondary school; If only one person collected extra sheet, it would be me.

Collecting extra sheet stopped when I got into uni, In all 3 years of uni, I think only collected extra sheet once…


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Did extra sheets work for you in secondary school?


hhaaaa- E is Pass (Let my people go):rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol. It worked everytime mehn… Man always cleared papers then oo


asin eh… overlove sef

Some people act as though extra sheet name achievement.


Yes o, it did in mine.

I no dey collect


I collected o… I did…I collected in Secondary school for Government and In the Univ. it was for Investigative journalism.

Both of my lecturers back then were the type that would ask questions that has grand-babies (if you know what i mean:joy:) So you have to answer and give extra examples to get more marks or forgerrit!

Did it work? It did small sha… :joy::joy::joy:


Oshey!!! The Baale of our time…


Lol. Until I got to Uni… I no dey even finish the normal sheet sef




I did this one especially with Econometrics and Macroeconomics where you’ll need two pages to solve one question (especially Matrix and Linear Programming). Most times, I would find a mistake at the very beginning and would need to cancel everything. But people will not understand this when you collect extra sheet, all they know is that your answer sheet is full.


this made my day!! :rofl::rofl:

one of the most under rated courses in Nigeria. The bedrock of encryption… Tchai!! You sef do am? :sneezing_face::cold_sweat: