How much was your very first salary?


First salary was N20k. Worked two years for free. It was with a soft-sell magazine as a graphics designer.


10k o




Lol…you started quite big…


Oh oh… That’s so cool…


Lol as a big girl wey I be




You were a big boy na…


23k, way back in 2006 October



I was 15, earning above my monthly salary of 5k at a phone dealership in 2011 as a sales rep.

I figured out that most customers find it difficult to connect to the internet . Gbam!
I saw an opportunity and I made a deal with my boss to allow me help the customers with configuring their phone for browsing.
Win - Win for both of us and his sales increased.

I was earning X5 of my monthly salary by charging customers an extra fee for configuration :grin: .

First Freelance Project - $121
In 2014 via Fiverr for social media management service.

First Real Business 2016 - Average 200k/Day selling dietary supplements online. ( BITTERLY CRASHED )

Still on the move…

You people really tried, You’re the real MVP’s .
The hustle is real. I love Nigerians for this. :heavy_check_mark:


Twas… N1000