How My 5years Old Marriage Crashed 😢


guys…i wanted to say something else… just a word.

peoples’ experiences are different…they might be peculiar but the reasons-motives-values-priorities-principles behind those experiences are very different.

relationship and marriages have problems-challenges-troubles…no matter what yours is, never make light of any other person’s struggles or challenges…just examine yours closely, find a solution to it and make amends where necessary or take decisions where need be…

I thank God for life today to say these things about my relationship and if you can learn from it fine… if not its okay… but i will never make light of ay body’s struggle or hype mine to be the gravest of all…

thank you all for giving me the opportunity…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


If only they were in your shoes!! :sob: Mind games is the worst form of torture, I salute your courage… It is well dearie[quote=“Kiitan, post:85, topic:3439”]
I don’t know why I just have a strong feeling that all these will end in praise. Yoruba would say ‘ope lo ma end story yi’ :grin:



@ChiQaH I pray God will fill the empty vacuum in your heart and continue to strengthen you. Here’s my little advice to ladies, let’s please not forget the place of prayers in our relationships no matter how real it seems.


Amen for @ChiQaH

We love you here… [quote=“fola, post:93, topic:3439”]
Here’s my little advice to ladies, let’s please not forget the place of prayers in our relationships no matter how real it seems.

True…Never ignore the place of God…


God bless you @ChiQaH for putting it all out for us to read and learn… I’m proud of you…

We all are… And thanks for making this a success!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


That’s why one really should put in effort to make sure it is worth investing in


Thank you so much my wonderful people and thank God oo!!!


I feel mental abuse and rejection is the worst form of violence a man can carry out.

It destroys you silently. East you up without you/anyone really knowing

@ChiQaH thanks so much for sharing your story. I am proud that you are strong, not just full of regrets. I admire you.

Well, I have learnt from you that truly all that glitters is not gold.


Sex warrior ni. Mtchew!


Awwwwww I feel like crying lol am crying… Am so scared right now. I dunno if I’m making any mistake right now


I salute you ma


Just trust God and trust your instincts…

When it doesn’t feel right, maybe it’s not right…


Patience, God and common sense is real…


And here I am loving my chobby bonzes each passing day… Some men don’t just know what dey want. Sad

Proud lover of big beautiful girls


my darling biko love your self, if you are healthy, keepbeing healthy but if you are not just work on it, my own is just be healthy…

i have seen people way bigger than me get preganant several times sef… so being big is not even an issue when it comes to concieving unless there is something else wrong…

but all the same, be a healthy chubby girl and love it…


Awwwwww… Nice words for @Rimo


Noted dear.
I must confess that i’m deeply touched by the love showed to one another on this forum. Thumbs up to everyone


Good feedback…

Thanks …


This!!!. For years the world keep saying Ruth he is good for you. One my closest friend then even said I will not see any guy that will treat me better like he did. That word sinked into me like when you are been injected with chloroquine injection but my heart was never into it. My sister preached all that she knows how to preach but what I was seeing and what my mind was saying was totally different. Its almost a year I made up my mind to be single and whole without bros and I am more happier, more better,have learn,unlearn and relearn.
Never get married if you have not find you. That you are a graduate,having a thriving business, is not enough reason to be married. Knowing your WHY in life helps you to make quality decisions especially about who you travel with in this life as a partner.


This!!! From the day my ex told me the mother doesn’t like me wearing trouser I already had doubt about them. Even if one person in the family doesn’t like you, be wise enough to ask question. Everybody must not like you but if the family you are going to be calling your family in the nearest future does not completely accept you,please put a hold and pray and watch. Your husband or your wife is not enough sometimes. Family is everything.