How my aunt treated me, I swore my kids or siblings will never live with an outsider

After my Jss3, I was transfered from my school to another, I was so happy because I never liked the school not knowing I was jumping from frying pan to fire. My aunt came with my father saying she was going to take me to the new school unknown to my parents and I, she planned on not keeping me in boarding house but to go from her home. I joined her in the new school which was in Kaduna, very far from my residential house that’s Lagos, and I did not have my parents contact. The worse, I couldn’t even say goodbye to my mum before going to hell. My father kept sending school fees for both boarding and school fees while I was in her house. Due to the maltreatment she gave her house maid the girl swore to poison them off if she stays in that house the next day, so, they sent her home which worsened everything for me cos I had to suffer alone. This woman will send me to her farm and starve me till I finish the farm, it took me 6 days without food , I was 12 years old then so it was slow to finish quick and I grew up in Lagos knowing nothing about farm. Whenever I return she will beat me for not finishing and I will sleep in the balcony till day break (imagine Kaduna cold na)and I caught pneumonia. I ran away several times but people always bring me back saying they can’t send me to my family without my aunts knowledge. This woman was my father’s junior sister. I will fetch water from a distance forced to carry 20litre of the yellow keg on my small head till I full the whole house, morning before school and night before bed, at 12yrs, I wash the whole family house clothes with insults from her children and still get starved if ever I fight them. One day she sent me to go and pick her daughters from the hair saloon, I went there, did not see them, came back to report to her and she sent me back to look for them and must find them before I return, not knowing that this children were already in the house, I was outside 11pm, almost kidnapped so I ran back crying and thinking of the beating, only for me to open the door and see her children jumping up and down inside house :ok_woman:t4:. Receiving beatings and starving was an everyday routine until one day I went to buy indomie for my friends in the boarding house with the change of 550 naira. She tore the money from my hand and gave me the beating of my life as I began to scream, she told people that I was possessed and I bought contraceptive with the money that my boyfriend gave me that’s why she was beating me up. Then one angelic woman appeared and said to her “if you think she is possessed, send her back to her parents for deliverance” then she turned to me and said “my daughter, do you want to go home and be delivered” I was seeing an opportunity to go home, I claimed possessed immediately and said “yes ma” and the woman told my aunt to send me home for deliverance, my aunt obliged and the crowd left. Unknown to us, my aunt never planned on sending me home but to my dearest surprise, the angelic woman visited again :grin: She was shocked and complained why I am still there that she will report them to the police if I wasn’t returned to my parents and that’s how I gained way to freedom back home. #ISurvived


Loooool…Your story is tragicomedy …Some family members are like that tho, they will be acting like they care but deep inside them all they need is just a maid or an errand boy/girl. moreso, a maid doesn’t even needed to be maltreated not to talk of your own family member.

:joy: are you kidding me? It was hell!

The end makes it sounds more funny and weird just for a 12yrs girl old to know how to claim false allegation just because it will favour her. :grin:

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When you face a certain torture, u will take any escape root o :grin: besides I wasn’t 12 forever, I stayed 2 years and some months with her. I just briefed the story

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I’m glad you can write about it now and I’m sure your experience with your aunt has made you a better person. :hugs::hugs:

A stronger person. She actually dodges any meeting that brings my family and hers together

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Yes! :muscle:t5:

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Oh baby, this is the real I came, I saw, I conquered, and I’m glad you really conquered. Some don’t survive it but you did.

Oya, sip this one first

That your Aunty deserves a slap from your Dad and your mum. Actually, she deserves more than one slap.

But wait o, how come your parents didn’t call to know how you are doing all the while, or did they call and you pretended to be fine? Anyway, that one don pass. I thank God you survived it.

Now, this is something everybody should learn from. If you already have kids or you are yet to have kids, whichever category you fall into, please and please, no matter how hard things turn out to be, train your kids On Your Own, nobody can do that better than you will. Even if the money at home is only as long as the stream in your village, learn to manage it with them.

The case above is rare, because despite the fact that her parents sponsored her fees, her aunt still let her wicked nature take over her.

Most families today send out their kids as errand boys and girls to families in order to make ends meet financially at home.

It’s better your child starves at home than in another man’s house. Reason being that, while starving at home, it is easier for your kids to know, oh, there’s no money at home this no food too. Let’s drink water and sleep. Case closed.

In another man’s house, when your child feels he is being starved, he/she attributes it to wickedness from the family the live with, and this can affect your child psychologically.

Please, you don’t need your child to experience Child Abuse before you learn lessons from it.

Experience, sometimes, is not the best teacher. Rather, it is a hard teacher.

Hello sweetheart @Chum_Sky, thanks for sharing this experience, you are very much loved and I’m glad the experience Made and didn’t Mar you. You can share more experiences on the thread below. :wink:


My parents called but I must answer in her presence and I dare not say rubbish but my mum suspected and my dad, since it was his sister refused to see the signs and I will share more experiences with the harsh tag



This story seems funny now but I can imagine how it wasn’t so back then.

This was a lovely piece @Tejflow wrote that year about how the people, women especially lack compassion when it comes to treating their maids or whoever is in the house as a help.

I’m really glad you survived the experience.

I grew up with an aunty too but she was really nice even though staying with your parents cannot be compared with staying with a relative. It was my grandaunt (her mum) and my cousins (sometimes) that made living with them unbearable. And the experience also made me resolve that my kids are not going to live with any relative.