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God day, you are welcome to Focus-hilltop travel and tour, the visa processing agent with my year of experience in visa processing across the world.

In visa processing , there two type visa processing which are,

Today I will be writing on NON-IMMIGRATION VISA PROCESSING, using conference as a means of application.
NON-IMMIGRATION VISA is the processing of visa which allow applicant to travel abroad on a temporary visa.

There are various general method of application which are,
1)Through Invitation
2)Through tourism
3)Through schooling
4)Through conference
I will be writing on the method of application using conference.
What is conference ?

Conference is a business meeting that involves two or more people coming together for a purpose.The purpose of the conference is for training, for business, for investment, for enlightenment, for empowerment and to network.

NOTE: Every day, every week, every month, every year, conference is going on various countries in the world and international conference are looking for international attendee like you to attend the conference only if you apply.
If you can apply for the conference then you can now apply at the country embassy for visa.
NOTE: You don’t need to know anybody in that country before you can apply

When you get the visa through the conference then, if you want to stay in that country , you have get the information from that country immigration on ways how to change from non-immigrant to immigrant.
Many people live abroad today, they travel through conference and later change their status.
To process the non-immigrant visa through conference , which is one of the cheapest way to travel abroad, then apply for a conference and visa.

NOTE: There are different types of conference in different occupation, for secondary school and higher institution, for married couple and single.
The visa processing through conference is in two part
1)The registration for the conference.
2)The visa processing with the embassy.

Focus-hilltop is here to help you process the visa to any country using conference as a means of application.
The embassy cannot give all applicant visa, orderings words as an applicant you must meet up their requirement before the visa can be issues.

I cannot give you 100% grantee of visa however , as experience visa processing agent, I will ensure applicant meet the embassy requirement which will help the embassy make good decision to issues you visa.
NOTE: you don’t need to spend high sum of money to process visa.

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