How To Be Sexually Active For A Lifetime


It is a misconception to think that sexual urge decreases as you age. One of the major determinant factors affecting sexuality at an old age is your social life styles, the kind of food you take, your drinking habit, smoking and the frequency of sexual activities at an early stage of your life.

It is very wrong to assume that older people do not have sex, do not want sex and do not think sex. It is also wrong to think that women do not want sex and are only going along with what men want.

Such mindset is misleading and incorrect. You must realize that the central part of healthy living is sexuality. Recent studies have shown that more than 65% of men older than sixty are sexually active, and in fact about 45% of them want sex more often. It is true that our bodies change as we age and these changes can affect our sexual relationship.

What regulates your sex drive whether you are a man or woman is testosterone. Most men and women produce enough testosterone to maintain their interest in sex. As the woman age, it takes longer for her vagina to swell and lubricate when she is sexually aroused. The vagina also loses some elasticity and these changes can make intercourse less comfortable or even painful.

How To Overcome These Discomfort And Enjoy Sex

  1. Longer foreplay to increase natural lubrication.

  2. Use water-base lubricants such as, Astroglide, probe or silk.

  3. Regular intercourse to help maintain lubrication and elasticity.

  4. Go slowly if you have not had intercourse for a while, because it takes time to stretch out.

  5. Desire usually returns once discomfort is relieved, so minimize any pain or discomfort as much as possible

For the men

It might take longer to achieve erection, may be less firm and may not last long as you age. The time between possible ejaculation may also increase with aging.

Possible solution

Relax, stop worrying about it. Anxiety will make it worse. The fear that you may not achieve erection will make it more difficult to have erection

Do the kegel exercise which is very helpful for men to tone the pelvic muscle.

Stop worrying towards orgasm and ejaculation, instead focus on pleasurable sensations. You may need more direct physical stimulation because it now takes longer with sexual activities.

Finally, before submitting to an expensive medical procedures, I would encourage a natural and relaxed exploration of sexual possibilities.

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