How To Download YouTube Videos ; Download For Free

I discovered that a lot of people are searching for means to download the videos they watch on YouTube, but search no more, because I have gotten a solution to it, I also went through this. When you see an educative, informative or entertainment videos you wish to see over and over" but there is no way to download it.

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If I want to convert video from youtube to mp3. I can make it with this way?

Man, It goes without saying, that way you describe in the video works, but have you thought, that it’s a bit outdated. I mean, that here you need to download the application, to make a lot of actions, to wait a billion of hours. Isn’t easier to use for getting same result ( sometimes even better quality), then your one? Of course, it isn’t my busyness, but I thought, that I need to open your eyes, so you can change your point of view connected to this problem and its solving.