How To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria


The mistake most students make while in school is to seat down and wait for their parents to work and send money to them at the end of the month. Though it’s their responsibility but once you realize you can start making things happen for yourself your perspective of life changes. The moment you realize that you are responsible for your life and that your future is determined by the things you do today you will begin to search for ways to make your future better.

In Nigeria today, thousands if not millions of student both enter and graduate from the university yearly making the labour market crowded and the jobs are few no wonder we have lots of unemployed graduates. There are no white collar jobs anymore except you have people in high position to secure a job for you. With this I always recommend to very student I meet to look for a way of carving out a niche for themselves before they graduate so they can fall back to it and grow it which if done properly can lead to you becoming an employer of labour.

As a student here are both online and offline business you can start doing to make money


The internet has provided a platform for people to be able to do things they love and still make money doing it. There are lots of people that have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs and have successfully built a full time business online doing various legal activities. Most youths and student feel the only online business that can be done is to scam people of their money but I am here to show you other legit online business you can start today.


Starting a blog is one of the easiest business anyone can start online. This entails you creating a website where people can visit to get news or information on any topic you decide to go into. There are lots of free platforms that can be used to start a blog Examples are,, tumblr and if you willing to put in some money you can use a wordpress website. There are lots of things you can blog about which include Fashion, health and fitness, sports, politics, technology etc.

Once you setup your blog, you can monetize it using Google Adsense and other sources to make money online.


While blogging requires you writing contents, vlog is the opposite. With a vlog, you can turn your contents from written to a video. This entails you making a video of you performing a certain activities. You can create a video of you playing a game, talking about a particular topic be it sports, entertainment, politics etc. and post it on YouTube and make money from it.

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