How to slide into the DM


sending a direct message is like taking a shot in the dark and hoping the numbers come correct. It’s like gambling, basically, which is why when Yo Gotti proclaimed in glory that “It does down in the DM, we sang it as a song of hope.
Ultimately, there’s has to be some context to who you are (because you are not Banky W with the lyrics). We’ll be as serious with this as possible, while waving the tiny disclaimer that I’m not responsible for the hundreds of negative responses you still have ahead of you regardless.

The first rule of the game is to know the game; in this context, it means understanding your platform.

Twitter DMs can lead to lengthy conversations if you know what you’re doing.
Pace yourself, Don’t be a creep
The average woman on social media probably gets creeped out fairly enough in the DMs so the least you can do, literally, is leave her alone or not creep her out with ill-advised decisions like “Damsel. I’m hungry for love and I want to have you for dinner tonight”.

Don’t make any allusions to sex, and even if you work in agriculture, stay away from sending that eggplant emoji or anything that makes reference to nuts, peaches, bananas, and watermelons.

Don’t be generic. In a literal horde of love-hungry patriarchs on social media, you need to stand out.

Start by sending a message that is both cautious but slightly personal, something that shows you have some genuine interest in her person.

Does she post about music? Did you both have a fire back-and-forth on the TL that you think she’d remember? Does she whine about how Jon Bellion is the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind?

The only thing better than kicking off with something that interests her is having money starting off with a mutual interest.That’s assuming you know how to hold a conversation.

Getting her initial attention doesn’t mean you get to send a list of demands in the next message so she really understands what we’re trying to achieve out here. No. That’s bastard behaviour.

You have to keep that same energy, Keep asking her thoughtful questions. Even though you’re supposed to be genuinely interested in her, hitting the right spots will personalize the conversation.

To be fair, not much of this is written in stone. Your judgement may tell you that she’s been waiting for your DMs for a while so you just want to do a straight slide.

Ask her about something that will probably get her to respond even if she thinks you’re trash.

The key is to not open the conversation by focusing on yourself. You’ll get plenty of time to do that.By all means, you can be a bit adventurous. Just don’t reference something she posted on Instagram on the midnight of Friday, 13 April 2011. That’s very disturbing bro.

What are you bringing to the table?
Do your best to make sure that the conversation is the best content experience possible.

Here’s what I mean; most people tend to feel that their skills at constructing sentences is enough to hold a conversation. No, it isn’t.

Especially not with someone who has probably received 16 “Hey”s in her DMs since you last asked her if she had eaten.

Thrown in all the references you can find that matter to her; talk about recent happenings, share a video or two, use emojis.

No one has too much attention to pay nowadays so just make sure the conversation is wealthy enough that she’s not asking herself what other things she needs to do.

Ultimately, you’re the one who knows what you want from the conversation; a date, a favour, FaceTime or someone who will be loyal to you on the TL when you get outed.