How To Start And Successfully Manage A Taxi Business In Nigeria


The transportation business is one that is very important in every country as the movement of people and goods from one location to another is done on a daily basis.

In Nigeria today we have different means of transportation which includes Air, Rail, Water and Road.

Due to the fact that it cost high to transport through air, water transport cannot get to everywhere and the rail transport is in a bad state which leaves the road transport system as the best option for the movement of people and goods.

Whether it’s a long distance journey or a short one, the road transport business has proven to be an effective way of moving people and goods

This long distance journey involves moving people from one state to the other or a neighbouring country while the short journey involves moving people and goods within a particular state.

For the sack of this article we will be focusing on short distance journey.

When it comes to moving people from one location to the other within a state there are various road transport system which people can use and they include bus, keke, motorcycle and taxi.

Among all these transport system I have mentioned, taxi seems to stand out because of the more comfort you get unlike others. If you live in a state like Lagos you would understand how stressful it is to struggle to get in and out of a bus, and how reckless keke and motorcycle drivers are which is why most people prefer taking taxi.

The usefulness of taxi has over the years increased as companies such as Uber has capitalized on it and have generated millions of dollars both in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Starting a taxi business is one of the most profitable ventures anyone can consider putting their money into as the market is wide and the return on investment is sure.

With this said if you think this business is good and would like to start your own then here are the various steps you can take.

Get A Plan

Your intention will go a long way in the success of this business, if you intend to just go the way other people approach this business by just buying a car and hiring a driver to go around and afterward remit money on a daily or weekly basis you might not make much but considering the strategies companies such as Uber and Taxify are using to generate millions of Naira you also can be among them.

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