How to successfully slide into a lady's DM for the first time


Do you have breast and how big is it


Jesu… I cant find my lungs


Wisdom or savagery?!!


See this fish ooo…


Should I not hug again


Another annoying thing women do is reply your question with a question. A man who wants to know more about you has a right to ask questions.


Guy: So what do you do for a living?

Girl: Why are you asking?

Why else would I be asking what you do for a living ???
Cc @pretyprexy why???


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Funny but very true… Women are special beings jare :heart_eyes:

They do that mostly when they don’t want you around…and she is not interested in your conversations.

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Lol… I just don’t talk to people I don’t wanna talk to. I don’t have energy for all this back and forth.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: it’s a strategy to frustrate scammers :rofl: You can’t trust all these niggas that slide into your Dm, some questions are suspicious.


U garrit jare. U gotta filter the wheat from the chaff, frustrate them a little and see how they react to the frustration. Ruffle his tuff to see how tick he is. And the best man eventually wins.

I know a guy that went all vulgar on me one time on bbm because I refused to give him my number oh. Fine dude but was sick in the head. Lass lass I deleted him ni.


:joy::joy: I must admit we have very beautiful, confident and intelligent women on this forum. :muscle:t6::muscle:t6::muscle:t6:


My dear, thank you… We are trying :grin:


My dear, the moment I find out d dm is not about business I stop replying. Some guys can be so annoying. Like don’t I have a right to decide what I want? Always wanting to impose friendship/relationship on you :rofl::rofl:


Or he’s simply trying to be as optimistic as possible that you’ll be interested or change your mind… You can’t blame a dude for trying :man_shrugging:


Well, there’s a way they can do that without insulting me. A guy once told me he wanted ‘bitch bye’ because I told him I was engaged :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You self!


Exactly, ships should be mutual whether friendship or relationship. It is not by force, All these stress to talk to someone. If you are correct she’ll be the one begging for you to ask for her number o jare. Just go with the flow…No time! !!


Oshey! No time biko…




Can I help you? :woman_shrugging: