How to successfully slide into a lady's DM for the first time


Step 7:

If it’s sex you want, you’ll know if she wants sex too from your conversations. Do not ask her for sex unless you are absolutely sure she’s interested. Do not ask a woman what she’s wearing at any time of the day, again you have to be sure she’s cool with it if you want to. Personally, I just ask her if she’s sexually active.


  1. 10 pm saturday night chat Unsatisfactory Response
    You: what are you wearing?
    Her: nothing why ?
    You: do you mean your naked?
    Her: No
  • She’s definitely not interested in a sexting with you, move on to the next topic, by all means, do not end your chat here
  1. 10 pm saturday night chat Unsatisfactory Response
    You: what are you wearing?
    Her: why are you asking what I’m wearing
  • She’s also not interested, don’t bother proceeding
  1. 10 pm saturday night chat Unsatisfactory Response
    You: Do you mind if we talk about sex ?
    Her: sure…what would you like to know?
    You: When was the last time you had sex?
    Her: last month
  • In this response, she’s only answering my questions to satisfy my curiosity not that she’s particularly in the mood for sexting, at this point, it’ll be better to switch the topic. I always recommended having a bunch of topics written down some where. Don’t go from sexting to “would you vote for Atiku in 2019” lool that would be too random.
  1. 10 pm saturday night chat Satisfactory Response
    You: Do you mind if we talk about sex?
    Her: sure…
    You:cool. so when was the last time you had sex
    Her: last month with my ex. and you ?
    You: 3 months ago lool
    Her: Cool…so what turns you on?
  • If a woman ever asks you what turns you on, that’s the greenest light you will ever get, feel free to proceed well within sensible limits. DO NOT ask for nudes, a real man show patience. Also just because she’s talking about it with you doesn’t mean she’s down to have sex with you, women are weird like that.


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why would someone you just talking to for the first time reply with a ‘dear’? I personally think the use of endearment words should not be used until there is a form of endearment between the two of them


I agree. I usually get suspicious when a lady I’m texting starts to call me “dear” or “hun”. In this context however, it only serves as a green light to proceed with the conversation, I wouldn’t think too much of it.

As I stated earlier, the green light is not license to misbehave, a real man should always control his emotions.






Step 7 Commentary:

The sex part is a bit more tricky. Women also get horny but it’s hard to tell (at least from a male point of view) when they are. So what does a man do ? Again self control is key. There are many other options but they go beyond the scope of this topic.

This concludes my presentation on how to successfully slide into a woman’s DM, I’ll expect any man who reads all 7 steps to do better on his next hunt.

All the best guys ! :fist:t6:


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Oh my goodness! This thread is truthfully funny… :joy::joy::joy: although I don’t agree with everything sha :roll_eyes:

Loool… I think some of these principles will work well for ladies too. One excellent approach is to feed his ego. How I have learned to do this is this:

Do your research on the “specimen”. If he has any achievements, praise him well for his achievements. Tell him how he has inspired you by his achievements and what you have done (or are doing) because of people like him who inspire you. My dear, he’ll come back blushing and then the conversation will begin. Just don’t look desperate and stir up intellectual conversations around his interests. I hope this helps!


Hey… and what Sliding school did you graduate from? I sense in your case it must be inborn …

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this is actually pretty good. :thinking:


Quick Commentary

If she gives you her number, don’t waste too much time before you call her, don’t call her immediately, if possible, ask her when it’s convenient to call her. If you don’t have air time to call her (maybe you borrowed air time and still haven’t paid the network), don’t ask for her number. Always ask for her number when you are financially buoyant for a call. Also to show your serious, spend at at least N500 (that’s roughly 15 mins) on your first call to her, come up with conversation topics, to keep her on the line before making the call.


That’s the secret dear… Bust his bubbles… He will automatically want to know you… I’ll always encourage you go with the mindset of friendship sha… so you don’t push too fast.


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Nice …SO… As much as this might work for most guys that love their ego caressed… I have a friend that switches off when a girl mentions his achievements, he stays off… He doesn’t want a girl coming from that angle… Like just know me… the real me… Behind all this success and fame… What would you suggest in that case?


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This had me in stitches. Sometimes, I read some of your comments and contributions and I laugh at the level of sarcasm/realism/humor you infuse into them. Wehdone ma!