How to successfully slide into a lady's DM for the first time


15mins won’t werk for me o… I get bored easily with calls…

I hardly even pick calls to begin with except i like you too much… But its even rare to really get my attention totally focused to the point of talking on the phone for 15mins… Biko, i’ll leave you there… I get a migraine from talking too long on the phone.

A few people here can testify to that…especially when you just too much. I will end it…


Lol…Biko don’t paint me as a sniper. We never can tell, my future wife may be here…make she no go dey use bad eye reason me.


That’s all i can say WOW !

Well done @NaijaLander

And thanks to @Opetunde some of us now have the confidence to slide into DMs :star_struck:

This is another angle, waiting for replies on this please. :point_up::point_up_2:


I see…well he doesn’t have to stay 15 mins on the line, he just stay on the line long enough for you to recognize that he’s serious about you.


:joy::joy: @theunofficialomotayo’s future wife, take note please. my boys means well for you oo.


Wow! That’s a great guy there. Well, I think what will work for that kind of guy is humor or stirring up a conversation around what he loves e.g football. So sometimes, I go through the football route when I realize he is a football fan. Most times, they get shocked that a lady knows about football and pick up some interest in speaking with you. (actually, I google search the latest football trends and tell him… I know nothing about football)

If he is an intellectual person, you can ask him an intellectual question or ask him for help on some “projects” you are working on that is in line with what he does. Guys don’t turn down ladies most of the time when they ask for PROFESSIONAL help. Here, you can feed his ego a little not by mentioning his achievements but by saying something like you hear he is the best person who can do this thing for you…

I hope this helps!


This phrase is funny :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
This is a good one @NaijaLander


by the way knowing some of you ladies go through this stress just to strike a conversation with a crush is reassuring. I’m speechless…


thank you @fola :smiley:


Haha… Levels to this :clap::clap:


:joy: Seriously… Biko i don’t do this o… I stick to what i can handle, like i stick to a discussion i know i can continue with for a long time… I’ll just try to find a common thing we like and push on that…

I know little or nothing about football… I’ll just disgrace my community if i try to start off a conversation with that… :joy:


Lool… Usually, they are not my crush. The best people in my field of work are guys and if you want to be the best, you must walk with the best… So I guess I have no choice than to slide into their DMs.

Ha! My own intentions are pure oh…


Yimu :roll_eyes:


wow :clap:t6:






Nice …Thanks I am sure this would helpful …

But none of this can work for him…

  • Not a football fan
  • Wouldn’t be nice to be bothering the poor boy with “professional help” when Oga is trying unwind.He spends most of his time working anyways.


OOOhhh Nice Nice! Gracias! bows:blush::blush::blush:


Just say; “hi how are you? Hope you had a great day today?”


Lol… My suggestions are based on the kind of people I slide into their DMs. I guess we all have our own “audience”. So what do you suggest for those who are not in these categories because I have no experience whatsoever sliding into the DMs of people who don’t fall into any of these categories?