How to successfully slide into a lady's DM for the first time


:joy::joy::joy: Yes o… I don’t like that too… I hardly answer sef…


Oh boi, none weekly


Confirm. That’s d common trend we see






this never works.


Like I said, I’m different. I hate mediocrity. Talking to a girl isn’t like a manual u have to follow, use ur creativity. Not saying he should be a braggard but once he has passed the “Hi how are u” stage and stuffs like that, he should tell me about himself so I can see if there are enough reasons for me to continue talking with him. Be it a business relationship or friendship a guy should first introduce himself. That’s the most polite thing to do.


But it doesn’t work, I mentioned earlier Nigerian women lack basic communication skills. You DM a lady and tell her your life’s history and she still replies “ok”, “fine” without telling you about herself. When I ask a woman to tell me about herself, it’s a simple question that requires only a few lines of text as an answer.

How come y’all don’t complain about this when a foreigner asks exactly the same thing ?


@NaijaLander it might not have worked with you and ladies…but that doesn’t mean IT DOESN’T WORK.

Women are vastly different.

You can’t conclude without meeting ALL
Hence, the argument is fallacious.

After all @Judy here says that’s what works with her


you are correct, so lets agree and say it mostly depends on the lady and her mood :slight_smile:

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School resumes on Monday so trying to put my school work in order :cry::cry::cry:


wow sorry dear…at least it’s the last semester



Last session (2 semesters) tho :slight_smile:


Apt!!! :ok_hand:


Someone like me won’t respond… Hit the nail on the head… What do you want to know…

Not tell me about yourself… Biko, I don’t have time…


Eyaaaaaa… I hope exams are not soon?


Come for mind cleansing please…


@NaijaLander the problem with most Naija guys is the fact that after these 3 questions, they run out of what to say

  1. How are you?
  2. How was ur night?! (and this is not even a proper question to ask)
  3. Have you eaten?!

After these…the remain convo na rubbish most at times.

So I think your next thread would on how to sustain an intelligent and interesting conversation not interrogation


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