How to successfully slide into a lady's DM for the first time


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But a man’s response also depends on the lady’s response the conversation usually gets boring because the woman are not creative.


In my mind, the knot dey tightly tied already


I will let @NaijaLander be the boss. My methods are quite unconventional


I really wouldn’t know. You can’t read people’s mind so you can’t really influence people in a conversation unless you find some opening that brings you both together and even if you did, it still depends on her mood…

…so this:

…is trying to solve the oldest puzzles in human history; understanding women.




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I’m loving this :ok_hand:


Brother!!! I hereby confer on you Professor Emeritus!!:ok_hand:



@Aje you do realise you can’t know someone without interrogating them right?

The scope of this topic covers sliding into a stranger’s DM.


:joy::joy: Diplomacy is telling someone they are mad while putting a smile on their face. It should not come out as interrogation if it flows well.


Ok let’s use this scenario:

@Aje: Hi how are you Judy

@Judy: I’m fine

Now @Aje baring in mind @Judy isn’t being very forthcoming, what will your next move be ?


@aje you look good, I like your earrings… They add sparkle to your color. You know they say, a person’s accessories tell a lot about them…


:open_mouth: impressive @Aje

@Judy how would you respond to this?

@Aje: hi how are you

@Judy: I’m fine



oh and @Aje I dare say when guys say stuff like this:

They usually don’t mean it, you can’t meet a woman for the first time and say stuff like that unless you mean it.


I do mean them o. I remember details as tiny as that, even to the colors worn , the weather, some keywords…


:unamused: otu bere niyen…


:rofl::rofl: e ma binu sir!


@Judy… Oya command answer oooo…