How to successfully slide into a lady's DM for the first time


Lol this doesn’t move us cos we know, we check our mirrors countless times before leaving the house. I would reply you that I know if you go that way…look for sth captivating not just this.


boom! @Aje told ya!


it works for some women though…


Lol. The idea is to get an opener, the ice-breaker… Your reply gives the go on for a liner and most times, ice breakers are dynamic depending on the meet.


But it sounds boring going that way, bring sth captivating… There are other ways tho’

@NaijaLander I know but for me…I will simply reply with that lol I know cos I check my mirror to know if I look good even before posting a picture on social media, I check which is good for the public eye.


Yeah but trust me it works for alot of girls… Women love compliments…


Not when they don’t like you o


This is very nice


You look so smooth
I can compare you to chocolate cake
Just looking at you makes me crave some.:laughing:


@Adekanye_Oladapo, is you a girl or a boy​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


loool he’s responding to my question to @Aje


Okay oh! Me is concern ni ooooo​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:




We actually need testimonies as it concerns the success of theae tips :laughing:




@Judy & @Aje what we talked about.
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:joy::joy::joy::joy: Eventually…Dami has turn Twitter celeb …

BTW It is not every body that chats a girl up she must hold a conversation with …It is not by force…She obviously don’t want to talk to him…
As a girl instead of stressing yourself to type one word sef…you could just ignore…and life goes on…


True so why doesn’t she just say “I’m not in the mood for a conversation right now” instead of giving him those ridiculous one word responses ?


I didn’t see the intro of the convo so I can’t say…
Lol I just know I won’t tell a guy I am not in the mood for a conversation… Ignoring works well for me…


For the gazillionth time, this is not good social media etiquette :roll_eyes:

well clearly it doesn’t work well for us guys. I feel hurt every time I text a lady and she doesn’t respond. You would too. Not that I care, I’m just saying.