How to successfully slide into a lady's DM for the first time


Nope…I write my own book of etiquette… Answering every Tom, Dick &Harry isn’t in my book…
If I text someone I am trying to be friends with and I don’t get a response (it has never happened tho) I will just ignore when he is ready he gon text back…


How would someone bring this up as a topic?.. Some people don’t know how to read between the lines, if i do get a one word reply twice, i’d end the chat straight up, no need acting desperate to keep a conversation


Bros, chop kiss… If a whole me, says hello to you, and you use a one word reply… I’ll tell you how rude you are and if you are not in the mood to chat, why not just say it. Then I’ll sweetly block or delete you from my phone, memory and life. Don’t get no time for iranu… :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:


My question is

Does one word chat really mean I’m rude?
Some people are just rather quiet and don’t chat much.
And for others, they come out of their shell with time. Not everyone is as outspoken or welcoming or social as YOU EXPECT THEM TO BE. Besides who made these rules anyway?
If she replies with one word and you don’t like it, simply walk away. Shey you have legs

Come to think of it, sometimes I even have one word chats with my bestfriend and sisters.


Lol. babe… If you are My FRIEND and you use One words with me, its okay… You are my friend. But if i am meeting you for the first time, please have the courtesy to tell me off or say you are not in the mood. I’m glad to say I don’t fall in the category of guys that will be pursuing you up and down.

exactly!! Me i will walk away after telling you you are rude, then I’ll block or delete you… Life is simple babe


But what if that’s how she is…always?
That’s just how she is…a lady of few words


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Anie baby!! :rofl::rofl: I like when you pull my legs… In few words…

  1. Not in the mood
  2. Stop chatting pls
  3. Talk later?
  4. Sorry! later. k?

now that’s few words and we understand them, don’t we? :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hian but not one word all the time jo… Some people don’t like to chat i know it’s just sensible to give whoever you’re giving the number heads up that you don’t fancy chatting a lot. i doubt anyone is too quiet to always give a word one reply all time. If you’re not in the mood, i’d prefer you just tell me ‘Can we please chat later?’ i think that’s polite enough, one word replies are annoying mehn

  1. But it’s not true that she’s not in the mood. She’s very okay
  2. You mean like forever?
  3. She’s still gonna be the same later
  4. Same as number 3

Cc: @Aje what will she do now?


I sometimes tell people this and they think I’m lying or forming or joking.

Because I’ll keep posting online plus I’m actually loud in real life…but then


Well most people don’t understand but then you owe nobody an explanation, just give them the heads up first and if they do take offence it’s not your business.


I’m very guilty of the one word replies o… Because most guys i tell i’m not in the mood, would still end up asking “what is wrong with you?”, they just won’t stop…

So i’ll keep giving you the one-word replies and make sure i frustrate and irritate the life out of that chat till you give up…But if i like you? Woah!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Yes because we are concerned about you.


You are not being objective … #Justsaying


Even with me​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


You see.

Aaah thank God @ruthameh125 didn’t tell me I’m rude and delete my number and block me like @Aje will do.
I dunno why y’all set faulty standards for people abeg.

One word vs two words vs three words.
It’s not easy o :joy::joy:




:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: I can relate to @Aniekan’s one word replies o… She hardly gets to chat sef… But its fine.


This i can testify to


Awww I’m soo sorry @pretyprexy and @W.O and everyone. I’ll try to improve