How we spent N65 million on website – Nigerian Government


The Office of the Secretary of the Government of the Federation, OSGF, has explained how N65 million was spent on a website.

According to PremiumTimes, a review of the 2017 budget performance of the OSGF revealed that N65 million was budgeted for the already existing website, while the office claimed that N64, 855, 875, the amount released, had been fully utilised.

But in a statement signed by its Director of Information, Lawrence Ojabo, the OSGF said: "For purposes of clarification, the existing website is undergoing redesign and upgrading to bring it in conformity with modern technology and requirements of the OSGF.

The new website will further strengthen this core value as it will be built on the newest web technologies language, will be secured, fully managed locally, and hosted on a dedicated server. A new server infrastructure will be installed."

In justifying the amount spent, the office said part of the fund will go into training 50 people that will manage the website after it has been redesigned.

The consultants to the project will in addition train not less than 50 officers that will facilitate timely updates and ensure very robust content management system,” Mr. Ojabo said.

After a review of the website, communications officer of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, PIN, Sodiq Alabi said the claim that N65 million was spent on the website looked ‘very impossible.’

“We have reviewed the website, it is simply shocking that N65 million was spent on the website. It’s implausible,” he said. “OSGF must provide more details on what they did with the money. The website has no special features to justify more than a million naira budget.

“It doesn’t look like they are even updating the website. The copyright is 2013. It looks very impossible and suspicious. At least the SGF office should tell us what they did with the money. They should tell us what they did with the money so that Nigerian tax payers’ mind can be at rest.”

Cheta Nwanze, Head of Research, SBM Intelligence, after a review of the website, said the N65 million could never be justified.

He said, “The website was built using the Joomla CMS, which is a free content management system. All of the media is hosted on YouTube, which is an external server. It uses Google Hosted Libraries for its content distribution. No way can it cost ₦65 million, unless I heard you wrong.”

He said the maximum cost for such a website would be $105 per month.

“Depending on the hosting package, $100 per month can get you a very good hosting plan. If you insist on using Google apps to host your emails and documents, that’s $5 per user per month. So you can do the maths.”

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I’m not understanding ooo, is it not this website that looks like static one… they even used JOOMLA cms sef…#65million, Nigeria I hail thee.


Nawa o… I’m here wondering if an elephant swallowed majority of the 65million naira, because I just don’t believe they spent all of it on the website and hosting.

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If these our leaders are going to keep lying to us, the least they can do is come up a decent and convincing lie; not this crap they keep selling us.


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