I Am Patiently Waiting For My Best Friend And His Girlfriend To Break Up, Am i Making The Wrong Move?


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Different strokes for different folks. Since, I broke up with my stupid slutty Ex last year due to the fact that I perceived the condom scent around her VJ. I have yet to settle down in relationship with any lady, because the former incident affected me psychologically. I don’t seem to trust any lady again.

Last time that I was on break, I met couple of ladies, who wished respectively to initiate a relationship with me, but I didn’t give in: I was fearful of being heartbroken again.

One of my guys: a bosom friend of mine, has this girl that he has been dating for like 3 yrs now. This my guy is always suspicious of this girl’s fidelity and loyalty to him. He always tells me how he prays to God to avail him a good lady that wouldn’t cheat on him, regarding the nature of the job we would be doing. He say he can’t stand being cheated by a person he calls wife, girlfriend or even fiancée.

Whenever he calls this girl, and she delays in picking his call, or misses picking at all, next thing is anger and verbal outburst. The girl is a 300L university student. A very beautiful God fearing 22yro lady.

He doesn’t seem to believe any explanation this girl may give as regards to not picking his calls.

To me, the girl is a perfect lady. My kinda woman. My parents house is in the same university environment as that of the girl’s parent. I have done underground work: set up guys around her home, her department, her place of worship. In all these locations, I have like 2 guys to each location spying on this girl to see if their is any side bobo aside my guy.

They only said that they haven’t seen her with any other guy.

None of the guys has giving me any negative report about her. These guys always tell me that she is very devoted to her studies, church service, and stays inside their compound whenever she is at home.

All these I know, but my course mate doesn’t know a damn thing about my plan. Instead, he often tells me that he wanna quit the relationship with the girl. He says that the girl can’t swear that no other PRICK HAS DICKED HER DOWN since the 3yrs relationship. That if she swears, she gonna die.

Well… Mine is that, I have studied the girl in question. I’m beginning to love her; in fact, I love her, and I’m patiently waiting for him to call it a quit so that I can dive in to initiate relationship with her.

Am I making a wrong move? I know that this will certainly make the pally-relationship with my guy/colleague a casualty, but I don’t wish for two of us to miss such woman of virtue.

Guys, do you know that this girl in question- though her parents are okay financially - works for her money. She is into computer programming for people, does decorations for ceremonial settings, and leisurely produces hand bags for ladies.

She learned programming for a year the moment she finished secondary school before Jamb and getting admission to stud Pure Mathematics?

This girl doesn’t demand money from my guy oo. Is my guy that forces her to collect money, but he once told me that in one occasion he wanted to send her money, that the girl asked him to save up the money for both of them: “baby, save it for us; I’m okay darling.” To this my guy suspects.

I can’t allow such rare gem to sleep off my hand, since my guy wants to fall hand.

What do you guys think?

Even if she is infidel to my guy, I believe it was his attitude that caused it.

I’m not in a relationship now, for I can’t delve into it without studying the lady first.

I can’t fall MUGU again.

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I like that you see a good girl in her. The other guy has refused to own up to his insecurities and is just giving himself stress, which is why there is a probability of this :point_down:t5:

At least you’ve tried to convince him that the babe is loyal but he chooses to continue having trust issues.

But the guy being your best friend is the dicey part. If you really want to get into a relationship with her, just give it some time after she officially breaks up with her boyfriend so it’s not like you betrayed him and you get accused of being the guy he has been suspecting her of sleeping with.


Really ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This much work over a girl.

To be honest these guys don’t know if she’s sexting some guy whenever she’s home.


Yes bros before hoes though, not angels.


I was going to say something about that part.

Why all the stress over someone that is not your wife? She’s not even his girlfriend yet :smile:


Even if they are married, why keep tabs on anyone that way. Shows too much insecurity


Lol Mr Headies, well done sir


abi oo :joy::joy:


Exactly! And if insecurities are not properly managed, doing monitoring spirit work will become a (very bad and uncontrollable) habit.


My sentiments exactly oh. Monitoring a girl this way just because you want to date her? Na wa oh!


I think you’re both jobless and psycho at the same time.


Condoms have scent? :wink:




Oniranu ni won se :roll_eyes:




Tayo aff vex :joy::joy::joy:


You’re obsessed with a girl who is in a relationship with someone else. You are even stalking her. I hope you don’t kill your friend to get her.

As a woman, I would flee from any man that is stalking or monitoring me like this. I would flee from a man that is wishing for my relationship to end so that he can have me.

Please I think you need to leave that girl alone and seek help. You need therapy and counselling.


If you can monitor her like this when she’s not your girlfriend, I wonder what you would do when she breaks up with her boyfriend.

Stop the obsession, know why your ex left you for another guy, work on yourself, and find another girl.

One more thing, let me not see you call that guy your best friend again… Ordinary BroCode, you can’t maintain. Why would you want to date his girlfriend??

You are not a good friend and you are very selfish. Disappear from their lives and let them deal with their differences. If they break up, fine.

If I’m that girl ehn… I won’t date my ex’s best friend.


This is so loud !!!
I dont want to believe he could even do that.