I am (Poetry)






I am the blacksmith of the gods
smelting the metals of the earth
I am the hands of the Lejja people
casting rocks into the fiery furnace of innovation
forging metals long before Abraham existed
making bronze tools against all odds

I am the rhyme of the ọjá
the melody of the double-breasted ogele
that sweet cry of the ekwe

I am the chimes of Osita’s guitar
calming the spirits of our ancestors with praises
my voice reverberating with descants so euphonious the gods’ mouths are left ajar

I am the progeny of bravery
the high rising courage of the Ijele
never afraid to battle subjugation or slavery
I am the resilience of the Aro confederacy
the rush of unanticipated adrenaline
protecting my people against invaders
oppugning the White man’s degeneracy

I am the nude form of valor
beating the drums of war with my body
painted with the blood and tears of my foes
commanding my chest to oscillate to the rhythm of the igba

I am the illumination of the sub-Sahara
the land of the rising Sun
taking Africa away from its dusk into its technological dawn
With minds more valuable than vibranium

From atop the hills of Enugu
To the saline mountains of Ebonyi
Overlooking the swampy rivers of Imo
To the plain lands of Anambra
running beneath the caves of Abia

I am the child of Nri
The heartbeat of 40 million people

This Heritage.
This is who I am.

#Poetry #IgboPoem


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