I can't keep up with the sex drive of my boyfriend. What should I do?


I had been with my boyfriend for about 5 months at this point, and his sex drive was still as active as it had been when we first got together. I don’t mean he had a normal, healthy, sex drive. No. He wanted sex all day, every day: when we first woke up, before going to work, as soon as we got back from work, right before dinner, right after dinner, an hour after that, right before bed. Sometimes he would wake me up in the middle of the night to have sex.

Needless to say, I just couldn’t keep up. While his sex drive remained the same, mine was dwindling. However, I did want to at least try to compromise with him, and we decided to buy herbal libido pills to help raise my sex drive.

I took the pills for about 2 weeks with no improvement. My sex drive remained the same. I decided to stop taking the pills since I didn’t believe they were working. He was not happy about it.

One morning, my boyfriend decided to make me coffee. I was in the next room and heard, what sounded like, a pill being dropped into an empty mug. Immediately I thought of the herbal pills. When he brought me the coffee, I asked him what he had put in it, hoping he would admit what he did. He told me sugar and cream, but mentioned nothing about the pill.

I looked into the mug and saw an oily residue accumulating at the top of the coffee. I asked him what it was, and he said he had no idea. I looked into his mug, noticed there wasn’t an oily substance in his, and confronted him about it. I told him I heard the pill drop into the mug and that I was absolutely disgusted with him. He finally admitted it, but didn’t think it was a big deal. I’m sorry, but putting a substance into my coffee that I didn’t want to take, just to satisfy his own desires, is so disgusting.

I am being pushed to end this relationship because I can’t keep up to the sex, but we’ve been together for years. Ending it will not be funny.

What the hell can i do?


It is wah… I don’t know what advice this person wants but really if a boyfriend is getting all these benefits, what will the husband enjoy? Just asking for a friend o… Don’t check my profile after this because I didn’t tell you am a saint. Lemme come n be going


Well well well…I won’t beat around the bush or tell a tale in such response.
My answer is “end the relationship, it’s already a toxic to you. There are amazing men out there that deserves you better than this sex-maniac”.


Babe should end the relationship na…she isnt a machine. Except her role in the relationship is to be avail and ready when sex beckons


Boyfriend putting sex pressure on you already? What will happen when you get married - na to die oo.

End asap.


Communication is a necessary part of any healthy relationship, but it’s especially important when it comes to sex. You need to be able to communicate about consent, your boundaries, and your desires. You need to be able to give feedback to your partner, and be able to accept feedback from them.

it’s obvious you both are not sexually compatible, you’re not on the same level/page sexually. Sex is more of a major factor in marriage than in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. it’s not too late to back out.


For me?
The action to take is difficult but the decision is very simple.

If someone I trust would deliberately do something against my wish and lie about it as a result of their own selfishness? We are done. I don’t trust you or better yet, I trust that I shouldn’t trust you.


Very True.


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@pretyprexy oya tell us, we are listening. Me don’t even know what to say to her, a friend of mine once told me during my service year that his girlfriend is nice, he loves her and all but the reason he broke up with her was because during fun time aunty will be shouting harder harder lol. He said he couldn’t bear it that one day he just got up and said “babe them no dey die inside abeg” And that was how that relationship died



Sometimes it’s not in the harder, know how to use the tool appropriately. :running_man:


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My dear sister, i don’t know if you have communicated like @fola said, you should tell him you can’t keep up since you’re a human being… Tell him you don’t really enjoy it anymore and its beginning to feel like work.

In fact with the part of drugging you already, I feel all he sees you as is a sex maniac and not his girlfriend, hence he won’t stop till he is satisfied without putting your feelings into consideration… So i’ll advise you quit.

If you love yourself and you care about your body and you know this is not what you want, kindly quit so he can find his perfect match…


Yea! That’s not a relationship pls. It’s just sex and all, if the guy is bored, he’ll move on to the next babe. Pls set your priorities. Know what you want and don’t let fear or anyone hinder that. Peace!!!


Your boyfriend sounds like he’s insane, please do yourself a favor and let him go.


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