I Love Sleeping With Virgins


Hi, I’m 28years and a final year student of Lasu. I started school late because my family had financial struggles as a result of that i had to quit school to do odd jobs like hawking, mechanic work and yes i was once a sex slave to a rich woman who lived in lekki because her husband was never around and she payed me 70k per round and we would go 3 rounds and i would see her 4 times in a week. The relationship lasted for a year until her husband found out and told agbero’s to beat me up which i spent a month recovering from the terrible wounds at the hospital.

The thing is i slept with so many women but my condition still remained the same up until i met Funmi who is now late (RIP). She died of sickle sell at 23 and that was the person i truly loved. When we met, she loved me and took me for me because she came from a very wealthy family and she had everything. She had a car, paid for my fees and younger ones fees, paid our family rent and even started a mini business for my mother but the one thing that baffled me was the fact the she was a Virgin.

As time went by, she told me she wanted to have sex but i declined and finally when i gave in things changed. i started seeing things clearer and i started getting job opportunities and things turned around for my family and I. I could not explain this but things got better for me but started declining for her. Her family lost contracts and soon her dad was outta a job and she lost all she had within seconds so i decided to support her but got tired and dumped her coz she leaned so much on me for emotional support and i was busy with other things.

Before u know it i met Mfon a calabar girl who was also a virgin, Unlike Funmi, Mfon wasn’t from a wealthy background but she was very comfortable so we begun dating and few months in the relationship i disvirgined her and my business multiplied! like my money started doubling and things started going south for her and again i lost interest and left.

i attend celestial church of christ so i told my mum and we went to see our prophet about the issue. Our prophet said i should only be sleeping with virgins if i want my blessings to keep on multiplying and that i should never marry any of the virgins i sleep with, but the problem is i’ve seen someone i really love and want to marry and she is a virgin also but am scared of having sex with her and then leaving her.

please what should i do i need urgent help and i can’t go back to poverty plss i need help???


Is this a nollywood story? @mira come and see


Going by this, if you had sex with her every week, you made #43,680,000 in a year. Except there’s a typo

I’m no saint but shouldn’t Prophet’s kick against premarital sex? but well if it’s of their benefit as well, e no concern us.

Did the prophet disclose that you’d be wretched if you get married to a virgin? Tbh a lot doesn’t add up.


Aiye le o…


Nonsense and prophet.




Lol… This one pass nolywood movie o :joy::joy::joy:

@zegisters, come and read o.


What a fiction.





I won’t lie, I also did the math.

Meanwhile, Mr Anonymous, your story is good to go. Just take it to Nollywood.

I must be blunt and mention that the summary of your story is that the character is a selfish, greedy and wicked destiny destroyer!


That’s a bloody #840,000 in a week! #43,680,000 a year, yet you needed the late funmi who was daughter of a Civil servant according to you(he was outta job) to take care of you, younger ones and mother. Nawa to you ooo Bros, zegisters get sense na, no bring yawu yawu tori come here ooo. :unamused::smirk:


This story doesn’t really add up. Well, what do I know? 🤷

Funmi was the one you truly loved, but then after she helped you and your family, and things went south for her family, you dumped her because she started depending on you. :thinking:

Karma is seriously knocking at your door. This one will end up being the one to leave you.

Ermmmm… I think you shouldn’t marry her.

You really need to be single and invest the money you already have reasonably (if you have any o, because I think you are a spendthrift). So that money won’t be your drive in the relationship you will enter next. Because for me, all I can say is that money has been the drive for you in your previous relationships, that’s why you are so scared of becoming poor again.

One more thing, I don’t understand that your prophet and his prophecy. It’s like he is also benefiting from the money. :roll_eyes:


They will even add spice to the story, and Funmi’s spirit will be appearing and disappearing in the movie.


U brought out your calculator :joy::joy::joy:


As in ehn :rofl::rofl: This is what Yoruba people call faabu!!! I don’t know how to interpret it in English :joy::rofl::rofl:




Unku, really? Your ‘prophet’ said that? :roll_eyes:


I’m not around abeg.


I am just passing by… This is why we have script writers…

Anyway, nice attempt… I believe your next STORY will be better…



I did too…:roll_eyes: