I Love Sleeping With Virgins


Bros easy, we are not Kaduna ppl…even buhari salary is not up to that in a year…just for strafing, u make 43 million, easy biko kwanu…hmmmmmm bros bros


this would make a good nollywood story sha:kissing_closed :smirk:


This is a box office material :joy:… E go too sell for Benin Republic. Utter nonsense! Come back and tell us the absolute truth.


You are vexing o :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The story is not even complete.
The old women were using his fortune so immediately he slept with a virgin, the spell got broken. And just as @Mira said, funmi’s ghost will be appearing to him every time until he will run mad and the movie will end.
Dear anonymous, i’ve just completed your story for you. Please, once you’ve made money out of this ogbonge movie send me my share if you don’t want me to be appearing to u in your dreams :kiss:




You’re delivering this story in the wrong place, bro. Send me your e-mail address and lemme direct you to some Nollywood stakeholders.


I had to do the calculations fa :joy::joy:


Story just funny abeg. I had to do the calculations fa, 70k per round? Na so e easy


Please, you guys should help me like and comment on my Nigerian story.

#ThisIsNigeria: My Safety Is In God’s Hands


To God be the Glory or In God we trust.

Feeeem af ended. :joy:


Such a true story!! I wept. So how did he die? Was’it Funmi’s spirit that pursued him onto the express, where an oncoming vehicle crushed his legs? Person like this suppose die slowly!!:rofl::rofl:


Lol… Too late to weep.

Who read that novel?


I’m not feeling well to reply this, probably you should come share my drugs with me and we’ll see if your problem is the storyline or just you.


Lol… Peace is back with her savagery!

Btw, are you really not feeling well? Get well soon, dear.


Lol. Thanks dearie.


Kikiki…ya prophet. Brother both u and ur prophet need serious 16 nights non stop deliverance session…which kind …in short mchteww.


I guess u are now a millionaire…see after NEPA the next set of people I hate are liars.:rage:


Lol… But you first hate Nepa :joy::joy:. Do you live in Benin City? I think that place was forgotten when God said, let there be light. If you live in Benin, you have every right not to love Nepa. Sometimes, they give light and we feel we just won lottery :rofl::rofl:


@Bravo, this your avatar is cute!!! I can have a good night rest just after seeing your face. :wink::joy::joy:

I hope the matchmakers on Zegist don’t attack me. I’m just admiring a brother, nothing more.