I remembered primary school today


Did you ever write your name on a small piece of paper and proceed to insert it in your Biro as a means of identification?


Yes!!! Did u wrap chewing gum around broomstick to use as weapon?:joy::joy::joy:


You like play too much :joy:


Yes! Yes!


That moment you write someone’s name with red pen and they are like, “why are you writing my name with red pen, am I dead?:rofl::rofl::rofl:


:joy::joy: or when u will write *2 in front of someone’s name in the noisemaker book because after writing their name d first time, they didn’t stop making noise :rofl:


Lol… *10




I remembered one.
There’s was believe then, you don’t pick anything you’re eating that falls on the ground, because (devil don chop am).
So one Christmas hmmmmmm after all the hustle to eat chicken(most times for the first time that year), mistakingly my meat fell on the floor. Come and see drama. After the whole (devil don chop am) drama, finally I ate my meat. My father laughed his stomach out…


Or when they are about flogging you, you’ll cross your fingers behind your back and they won’t!!:rofl::rofl: Or the days of the folded paper and rubber bands as catapults