I want to learn graphic design



Anyone care to tell me where I can develop my creative skills?
I’m interested in learning graphic design and also becoming a full stack developer.
I want to start with the graphic design first as I have some experience in the industry.

Pointing me to a place where I can learn will really help.
Thanks in advance.


Glad you have interest.

Try Cregital, Dudutoonz with a blend of YouTube.


ELLAE creative is doing a training. You can also try to intern at amplify or rewrite agency. That is if you are in Lagos ooo


Hello @Kayzzy, the creative journey is an awesome one. There are lots of good stuff to learn. Let me have your email address so we begin from there.


I have gone through Cregital instagram page… Those guys are really doing something awesome. Let me shoot them a message. Thank you so much for your feedback.


Oh great, Thank you so much for your feedback.
I can go anywhere in south-west to learn graphic design.


Good to know :smile:


Hi, i happen to be in the same shoes i’m available on saturdays. please, is there any way you can help me too?:pray: