"If At A Certain Age You Want A Baby But You're Not Married, Go For It!-Yvonne Nelson


She didn’t. I’m sure of that. Some ladies don’t give a hoot about what people think. People do this outside Nigeria. Its just not the norm here because we’ve been raised with a certain kind of mentality. She loves it and is happy.

Some people are obsessed with babies and want one. The fear of getting to a certain age without eventually been able to give birth is scary enough for some people…


This is one of the reasons the world is collapsing sha… lol. She has a right to what she wants though but if she were a Christian, she would know that marriage is about godly seeds and kids out of wedlock is not a good start to it.



She’s happy and willing to be a great momma that what really matters.


Why’s it irritateing you please.
She’s financial stable and she’s healthy
And she wants to be a mom.


Whatever rocks her boat. I don’t subscribe to this mentality tho.




No p, I have changed my comment, its not irritating


You say sperm na, you did not say having a baby daddy. She ain’t preaching it but the message is there. When I actually read it, it came across my mind to just do what she did but is it worth it.


Yeah she has the money abeg what about Linda Ikeji, she no get money too right

Are you saying, I should do same when I have the money to take care of a child. She had options to adopt.

Having money shouldn’t justify that maybe when I find myself in her shoes, I will understand perfectly sha


I don’t think she decided to have a child out of wedlock. Instead I think she decided to have a child cos she feels she’s emotionally and financially ready to bear the responsibilities of becoming a mother. You think she didn’t consider all of these before she went and got preggy? She even said her mum is a traditional kind of woman that would frown at it, but she later on adjusted.
Let us just stop using societal norms to confuse ourselves. Marriage doesn’t ascertain a happy home. Her mum single handedly raised her though she got “married”. There’s a lot behind the scenes she isn’t putting out there and I don’t think she would deliberately get pregnant for a man she won’t be proud of having around as a baby daddy or future husband. She chose this pregnancy, it wasn’t by accident. And her happiness is all that matters.


U need to calm down babe. No one is saying you should do the same. It’s not that bad or serious. Come on!
It’s her life, her problems, her consequences.
Even God’s commandments we don’t obey. Why would you now decide to imitate someone else’s choice of living.


This is the truth!!!
In my opinion society has overemphasized the importance of Marriage, that is why it is seen as an achievement these days. So everyone has a notepad with key points of “what is right or wrong” , anybody that does not follow the guide has done wrong.
It is the same societal norms , that will frustrate a woman who doesn’t drop a child few years into marriage.


All I see is a beautiful young woman who want to have a baby and not be married. Marriage is not want she want and the so called ideal man who proposed to her had no idea about her decision. This taught me that it is important to ask questions to be sure you and your partner want the same thing out of life. Never assume your partner will want what you want or love what you love. Ask every necessary questions. Secondly I wish to say that it’s very okay to make choices and have your own opinion about life and about how you want to live your life but living your life totally out of God original intention for us to me is demonic. God wouldn’t institute marriage if He want for us to just get pregnant and do our thing and why marriage is not by force and marriage is not for everyone, deciding to that you can have a baby and not be married just because you can not change your life or location for a man you are in love with is not God’s will. I don’t judge people for what they do or how they choose to live their life because I believe we are all product of Grace. It is very possible she change her mind tomorrow and want to be married, imagine the number of young ladies who love her and are already modeling their life after her,imagine the change in mindset since this truth was revealed. I wish her well. I pray she is truely happy and I pray that the happiness she seek for never elude her. Everlasting happiness can only be find in Christ though. Every other source of happiness are temporary. I wouldn’t trade everlasting happiness for a temporary thing.


Ms_aijohi you know are life decisions is not about you right?


Thank you @Aje

Having children when married does not guarantee happiness but it’s the right thing to do as Christians. To get pregnant naturally, one has to have sex and sex outside marriage is a sin. Why not adopt a child if you desperately need a child?






This reminds me of the story of Abraham, Sarah and Haggai. Sarah was desperate to have a child and went about it the wrong way. Age was not on her side so she did what she thought waa best.

Be obsessed with having babies but do not sin to have babies. Even if you can’t give birth, then adoption is an option. Plus God hasn’t changed. If Sarah and Elizabeth could give birth at a very old age, then God can do it again.


Premarital sex is a sin whether a baby came out of it or not


Of course I know it is a Sin. Trust me, I know my bible well. I see the realistic point of view before infusing the biblical part
And like the bible stated we do not have the right to judge people’s action whether it is sinful or not.
The young lady feels having a baby makes her happy, So be it. Let her judgment be between her and her God.
Let’s just be realistic for once, without scaling our holiness.