"If At A Certain Age You Want A Baby But You're Not Married, Go For It!-Yvonne Nelson


Anyway, it’s personal.


Lol babe haf calm down na lol I’m no saint to even judge. Lol, everyone is entitled to the kinda choices they make.

She made her own decision based on what she feels was best and I can still make mine too




@pretyprexy please when are you getting pregnant???

I want to be a godmom :joy::joy:


Okay let’s assume She didn’t get her baby through sex. Let’s try the option of Artificial Insemination. How about that?!! Can we still justify her decision?!!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Very soon. Sheybi you’re ready to babysit?


Well, Its her world… If she loves babies and there’s no man, i guess the public would not frown if she goes for adoption.