If the world was my dream

The world is a Big place with treacherous minds. They are ready to sink their talons into your already perfect skin. A wonderful world indeed where the enemies try to colour your destiny. The camouflage friends and families make you hopeless. Lovers who betray you. They make you want to reap your heart out. They make you create a doctrine against cupid. But I can not help but think that what would the world be like IF THE WORLD WAS MY DREAM:

It would be shaped like the EGYPTIAN PYRAMID, then I would be able to climb to it’s peak and shout, AKUNA MATATA.

I would like a world where there is nothing called SCHOOL.
Where I get to stick my feet in mud and still feel clean.

A world where nobody expects me to be the perfect DAUGHTER, SISTER ,FRIEND OR FOE. Just let me love you in my own defined way

It would have sweet clouds in different flavours like the COTTON CANDY. Then I would be able to taste the clouds that I see every day when I look into the sky on the very tip of my tongue.

I would try walking on my KNUCKLE and KNEECAP, feel free and act crazy like the hyenas in the deep KHALAHARI.

I would smile all the time and wave at people I don’t know. And I would give a kiss to everyone that treats me right. To see everyone the way I DEEMED fit

It would be free of the word NIGHTMARE and you get SOLACE in time of distress.

I have a lot of expectations from the world I dream of because I am a descendant of OLIVER TWIST. But most of all THE WORLD I DREAM OF IS A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS AND NO SUCH THING AS “BEING SUPERIOR”…

All we have is people living in this place we call universe with such an overwhelming peace of mind..



You write :writing_hand: good, I love the keywords you used entirely, they’re simply scintillating.

Now this is utopian, because ANIMAL FARM theory never faces a cessation.