International Day Of The Girl Child: Benefits Of Educating The Girl Child


Like they say If you want to raise a good nation, you should educate a child…

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution to declare October 11 every year as the International Day of the Girl Child. The aim of the declaration is to recognize girls Rights and the unique challenges confronting girls to actualize their dreams around the world.

When you educate a girl child:

  • She would educate and raise her kids to be better.
  • She would not just be a regular wife and mother but an intelligent one.
  • It will help girls and women to be economically empowered.
  • Through education, they learn on how to live and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • When the girl child is educated, she knows how to make the best career choices.
  • Hence education gives dignity and honor. Educated women will be a source of inspiration to many young girls as they will be perceived as role models.

So as much as you can and whenever you get the chance, Educate Every Girl Child You See


This year’s theme is “The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.
Narrowing it down Nigeria, we have more girls out of school more than any country in the world. Education is the basic right of every child irrespective of color, race, religion or family background.


Very Correct.
People around me know I am very particular about the “girl child” because I feel before we go on the race of “feminism”.
It is best to raise the girl child to know and understand her value in the society first then she will grow to be a woman we don’t have to fight for.
I am from a family with all girls maybe that’s why the education of a girl child interests me :grin:
I see the girls around me and I am feel so happy and proud to call them sisters or cousins…

I think to be able to help a girl child on a national level, we should start from the girl child in our home… in our community.
It starts from the little things, correct a girl how to wear this and that properly , how to walk and talk confidently , tell her she has all it takes to grow into a respectable woman all she has to do is just BE fearless and relentless … she will get it…

The mind has to be willing to learn first before any other thing follows…


For the sake of today and this post, i want to train any GIRL here, thats without primary Education(full zegister).
Such a person must be above 22 and should be able to read and write already…
NB: Terms and Conditions apply
Thank me later…
Long live the girl child :grin:
Long live zegist :raised_hands::raising_hand_woman:


Oh… I doubt yet, but i hope this is open for as long as possible…


Same here… All women and i’m grateful we all had the gift of quality education from our parents…


i hope so… :wink: