International students


oh and if your female, I should let the ladies here warn you about Nigerian men :slight_smile:

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You are right. Mombasa people are quite quiet people unlike Nairobians.
I think moving there and know alittle bit about my surrounding before resuming classes will do me good.
Roysambu people advertise with vehicles too…huh☺.


Yes. May I ask what your annual budget for accommodation will be ? May be we can point to you the right places to rent or buy…




I am in for rental of a house rent of between $100-$150 per month. But i do not want a big house. How is the agreement of payment between the landlord and tenant?


Ok so Nigerians pay rent annually not monthly. For a foreigner, I was going to recommend a 1 bedroom or bed sitter somewhere on the Island and $150 per month sounds about right for that. A good place would go for at least N500,000 per year.

$150 * 361 (exchange rate this morning) = N54,150

N54,150 * 12 = N649,800

If you can afford that to say the least, I think you’re good to go ! :smiley:


This place is perfect for you.


These ur questions :rofl: in your next life, be a police officer, a journalist or a lawyer please


Okay. So with N650000 can pay for my annual rental. How is the mode of payment of electrity and water bills? Prepaid or postpaid? How is the security of that place you recommended? How is it close to the university?


My sister, you cannot picture it accurately :joy::joy: whatever you see in that picture is like 5% of how it really is


Nigerians don’t pay for water, it’s part of the rent package. Nigeria’s water supply is purely private, you build your house and dig a bore hole in it for your tenants.

Electricity is now prepaid but some old houses still run the post paid meters.

I’ll advice you budget for a generator and monthly or weekly fuel consumption for your generator or even better, buy a solar inverter and regulate your consumption.

Yes. You’ll live quite comfy, not Runda type of lifestyle but pretty comfy in upper middle class.


lool don’t mind her, it’s not as bad as people say. If you plan well, you’ll be fine.


In my mind i have a rough picture of how Lagos is. How about that?:blush:
Thats why i say its better i come have a feel of it before deciding to join the campus


Nigerian men are caring :roll_eyes:


When you have finally arrive, let me be your personal tailor :joy: Thank you in advance :kissing_heart:


So this electricity problem is real…


Yes we are :smiling_imp:


So real it hurts.


Case in point:

The average Nigerian is an opportunist. See how she’s not ready to give you details to assist but wants to be your tailor. That’s textbook Nigerian mentality, everyone will try to make money off you.

So yes, this is your first lesson.

No offense @Otumininu, I know you mean well.


@NaijaLander is not