International students


Is the supply of electrity a monopoly business over there? Because from afar there seem to be no competition there


Then it will be a challenge for me to spot a genuine friend.


Nigeria’s electrical grid was privatized about 10 years ago. Power producers are different from power distributors. In Lagos, the chief distributor is the Ikeja Electrical Distribution Company.

No one really understands why we can’t have 24 hour electricity, it is all messed up in a complex web of politics and business, don’t overthink it, just know you can’t have 24 hour electricity while your here.


Okay. Thank you


well you definitely have one in me :slight_smile:
It’s not as scary as I’m making it sound, I just want you to rationalize the picture correctly. Nigerians are anymore dubious than the average Kenyan.




I trully appreciate your kind gestures. Will be enquiring more concerning my coming there.




They have started.

That you don’t have 24 hour electricity in Ibandan doesn’t mean it’s like that in Lagos/Nigeria.


I agree, he’s not :no_good_woman:t4:‍♀️




I see Distance between Lekki and UNILAG is about an hour drive😊


Yes but with traffic it could be as much as 3 hours.

I forgot to mention traffic is a huge problem in Lagos.


LOL… when you are using power bike Or Harry potter’s broom … YES…




They are wonderful creatures. The bad ones will teach you what you need to know when the good one arrives. With time you will be able to decipher, it is all part of learning and it’s an interesting experience.


Noted. Thanks


3 hours… are you for real?


lool yes. Lagos is both the smallest and most populated State (County) in Nigeria. SO you can imagine.


Well then its obvious one needs to adjust his or her time especially if that is his or her new environment. Soon will adapt