International students




@NaijaLander, this chevy view estate you are suggesting, is it not the one at chevron drive? If yes… this is my opinion.
Chevron drive to unilag is about 3 hours(forget it there is always traffic, except you decide to leave your house by 2am)

Imagine the stress after classes and jumping buses, even if it’s uber,taxify(the money can be used for better things).

The estate from pan Atlantic is still far(if you like ply Epe every day, it’s still far)

Why not help her search for good houses in epe(close to pan atlantic) or in Akoka(close to unilag.



Thanks for the enlightment. Proximity is key. Rentals near the campus will help save alot as far as time and money is concerned. Rentals near unilag please…


They are so many things to consider when you relocate from one country to another but I hope you purpose would be achieved, Lagos is a place for hustlers and for determined minds.
In choosing university, unilag would be number one choice but you can also lookout for private universities like Redeemer university, covenant university, Babcock university and lot more.