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I find that the above topic is not what a lot of people delve into or only do when they have acquired a level of wealth. I however truly believe investment opportunities abound for those who are looking for it. So my question is what are the investment opportunities you have considered, found out about and lessons you might have learnt?


Food or should i say Farming

Agriculture/farming is a great field to explore, housing and real estate, stock exchange I think (a lot of Nigerian have lost trust in the Stock exchange market) which is why most are scare to invest.

I agree with this people would always consume food and will continue to!!!

I think this is the best time to scoop up shares in the Stock Exchange as I see a bullish trend but in the mean time it is too manipulated to put money you cant spare to loose


Exactly my point, investing in agriculture means getting your ass down to the farm, but how many youth are willing to get their hands dirty? Nigerian youth see farming as a shitty job which explains why people are shying away from it.

I agree…but there are people who are still passionate about it and are willing to get their hands dirty…the big question is how do you invest into them…well there are avenues such as farmcrowdy…you can check them out!

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Naah. I don’t agree. We do need a paradigm shift in how we farm and transcend into the era of mechanized and science-enabled farming like other advanced countries… Most importantly, getting the financial support is the key to successful farming


True, but you can’t be talking about shift when no one is going to the farm yet. I feel this should a developmental things, it’s a one step after the other. There’s no shift yet but the Northern are still growing their tomatoes, pepper and other farm produce and feeding the nation. Funny thing is these it hardly rain in the North and you hardly find rivers there but they farm with irrigation. when the shift eventually becomes available it will get to them first. God said, I will bless the works of your hands but when blessings come and their no work to bless nko? I’m of the opinion of making use of what is available first.

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when was the last time you went to the North my dear? Sweetie, those guys have moved up the ladder now o, plantation matters. Although what i mean to say is this; educated people will go to farm if they are allowed to farm the educated way (Mechanized)

Exactly… Recent advancement in tech has helped with the green houses where you can plant all year round under a supervised and controlled environment suitable for crops…

I get you shaa… lets make do with what we have while we dream for more

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Real estate…

It’s capital intensive tho



Real Estate and The Media.

The solution to the real estate problem is shared ownership!!!


I see a business man in you… You seem grounded… I like this!

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Thank you!


Been reading on Investment clubs/shared ownerships lately.

Hmm… Aniekan, i did not know that you want to become a billionaire in this life ooo…

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Now you know :joy::joy:

So, early this year, I got to know of this Money Market Investment and Mutual Funds put together by Stanbic IBTC bank basically for low salary earners or people who cant afford high risk investment

They put together all of the money contributed by the various investors in the group and then trade with it. Afterwards, they share the profit across all accounts based on initial investment amount.

cc @ewomazino @afolabiabass @pretyprexy @Aje


This is true, i heard about it. Money Market is one of the investment opportunities with minimal risks. Also depending on the money market portfolio’s you are going for, the interest rate could go up to as high as 17% which no bank offers on your savings or current account.

The mature period is between 3months, 6months, 9months and above. However, like every other business that you get involved in, the more you put in, the more you get out.