Is age just a number in matters of the heart


The President of France, Emanuel Macron is 39years old, his wife is 64years old. AD-25

Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore in 2005, when he was 27 and she was 43. AD-16

Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey in 2008, when he was 28 and she was 40.AD-12

Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson married Sam Taylor-Wood in 2012, when he was 21 and she was 44. AD -23

Shakira 41 and Gerard Pique 31 have been together since 2010 sharing 2 sons. AD-10

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart dated for 2 years before they separated, having an age difference 17 years…AD- 17

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble were together with an age difference of 25 years… AD-25

Back here in Nigeria, we have Peter Okoye who is 6 years younger than his wife lola Okoye…AD-6

Dare art alade is 8 years younger than his wife Deola Ayeni…AD- 8

Toyin Lawani stylist/fashion designer 32 is engage to her boo who is 22… AD-10

i sit and wonder if age is really but just a number or does it apply to only celebrities and if NO, can you go into such relationship…
For me its just a number to some extent, if she is more than 6 years its sugar mummy for me…whats ur take on this…nah Naija we dey

AD- Age Difference


Demi Moore, shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey… Look at the names you mentioned :joy:, these people looked like teenagers @ those their 40 plus years, unlike most Nigerian ladies that @ 18 some look older than their 29 year old boyfriend. I’d say it’s just a number because which ever way you evaluate it some scenarios would be acceptable while some will be laughable.


It is a serious matter o.


Age issue in Nigeria is something very complicated and both parties involved has to handle it very carefully…