Is age just a number?


As a lady, can you marry someone younger than you? What’s the age gap you can permit? For e.g., a man 2-3 years younger than you.

If you can’t marry a man younger than you, what’s your ideal age range for the older guy? For e.g. 2-3 years older

Guys, can you date or marry a woman older than you? What age gap?

If you want a younger woman, what is your ideal age gap? For e.g., 1-2 years younger.

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Age is not a number, dear.

It comprises of letters of the English alphabet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

Too much wisdom no go kill me :joy::joy:


Age na number most times. It all depends on the maturity of the persons involved ans the ability to tolerate and not see any slight provocation as undermining.
i can do a lady four years younger and three years older than me.


There’s no restriction as long as both parties are mentally mature, financially stable, and above the legal age requirement. Maturity is the determinant, not age.


Oya let’s close this service cos you have said the closing prayer and I be rolling my eyes at these random queshions…:roll_eyes:


Some persons are way older than I am, but they act like kids, especially in their level of reasoning.

I can’t marry someone younger though, but even if you are older than I am and you act like a 10years old child, then it’s a no no. We won’t even date, talk more of marriage. I don’t like what I hate.

Meanwhile, I can’t marry someone that is almost giving me 10years age difference… Will I start calling you uncle bae or what? I don’t understand :joy::joy:

Maximum of 7years, minimum of my age. Yes, I can marry my mate. No be taboo.


i can marry someone older than my age, max 10 yrs. For a younger person(who is all the ally mature), max 2-3.


No… I don’t have plans to be babysitting anybody, it is exhausting…

Research and Experience shows the female body and mind matures faster than their male counterparts.
A few exceptions just mature faster cos Life dished them something they can’t handle so they were forced to “Grow up”.

Depending on the guy’s level of exposure 3 - 4years older is fine…

From personal experience, I only keep guys around my age as friends… Why? Cos our struggles are always same or mine a bit advanced… There is a disconnect there… It can’t work. We are thinking differently…

“You will always find love draining if you date someone you have to raise” ; this applies to both sexes.


Preach Sister!!!

And the congregation will say a big Amen!!!


Hmmmmm… Nah i don’t think i can consciously accept someone younger though… But then there’s an exception to this. If he is matured and has already swept me off my feet with the fact that he ticked all my criteria for the kind of man i want before i eventually got to know his age, i would definitely not let him go… Like I’m so holding on to him… :blush: I have actually dated a younger guy before though, we eventually broke up because he was way way way below me in class… But i think its been one of my awesome relationships so far aside the last one i just had…

Just a year biko… I can’t handle 2 years below me… Biko! But if i should date an older guy, the highest i could do is 10years above me… :blush: But really, i have learnt never to say never…


:rofl::rofl: Amen! But then @Judy and @Drew what do you really mean by “raising a guy”?


Almost same as raising a child…

The process of supporting his emotional, social, and intellectual development…

Not that he has to know it all or be perfect, there are just some simple day to day, real life situations he should just know how to properly react to… :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: “Just Have Sense” scenarios…




But what happens when he is same age or younger, has loads of that sense and matured… Do you think he would still need raising?


LOL… Obviously, he won’t be needing that… since he has sense and acts matured

But… this is my own opinion and way of doing things…


@Drew, you have too much sense, will you be my daughter’s god-mother?




LOL! Awwwww no wahala nah…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


May you never know what it means to raise a guy. I pray that you be with a man that you both will grow and learn together. There’s a big difference between a wife and a mother.